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GEA Marine Bowl Service

Learn more about our service levels for marine separator bowls and our dedicated service competence center

Your reliable and innovative partner for the marine industry since 1907 – now servicing your equipment even better

For almost 115 years, GEA Separation has been supplying the marine industry with equipment of utmost efficiency and quality. This success story is not only characterized by continuous innovations and development of new separators, but also by the ongoing optimization of our service offering, which enables reliable high performance and availability of the centrifuges over their entire life cycle. GEA Marine Bowl Service is our latest service offering for the separators for the marine industry. With this new concept, we offer you clearly defined service levels with fixed prices to choose from and bundle our service expertise at one location for an even better and faster support.

Your choice – your benefit

When the bowl of your separator needs servicing, we offer you two options: You can choose either an exchange or a repair. To make this decision as transparent and as easy as possible for you, we offer two options in each case and clearly indicate how they differ in terms of expected price and speed level.

With our new in-house developed GEA Centrifuge Repair Pricing App and only a few clicks within a controlled menu navigation, our service experts can give you very fast a reliable pricing and delivery time information for your option of choice. Your advantage: Transparency for your budget and planning and faster decision-making – thus enabling us to service you faster and even better by reducing the complexity and time required for the quotation phase by 80 %.

GEA Marine Bowl Service

Exchange options

Marine Fast Exchange

Marine Fast Exchange – fixed price, no production stop

A quick and convenient repair solution: In exchange for your own bowl, you will receive a refurbished bowl that is very often immediately available from our warehouses. This exchange bowl is delivered at a fixed price level and is ready to be used for many years to come. (subject to stock availability)

Price: $$
Speed: *****

Marine Prime Exchange

Marine Prime Exchange – fixed price, completely new

No compromises on quality: In exchange for your own bowl, you will receive a completely new bowl delivered at a fixed price level.

Price: $$$$$ 
Speed: **

Repair options

Marine Fast Repair

Marine Fast Repair – short lead times, cost-effective

GEA quality with instant availability: Our service experts repair your bowl in our Marine Service Competence Center by using refurbished original parts to return the repaired bowl as quickly as possible at a very attractive price level. (depending on condition of bowl)

Price: $
Speed: ****

Marine Prime Repair

Marine Prime Repair – factory-rebuilt, like new

The “as good as it gets” repair: Your bowl is repaired in our Center of Competence according to the highest possible quality standards. The bowl is factory-rebuilt to a top-quality standard with new original parts and is almost indistinguishable from a new bowl.

Price: $$$$
Speed: **

Your options explained in detail

GEA Marine Bowl Service
SCOPE OF SERVICESMarine Fast ExchangeMarine Prime ExchangeMarine Fast RepairMarine Prime Repair
Dye penetration testXXXX
Turning on demandXXXX
Photo documentationXXX
Inspection reportXXX
Welding pinsXX
Drilling pistonXX
Milling outlet portsXX
Repair worksXXXX
Cleaning after balancingXXXX
Final checkXXXX
New load bearing partsXX
Reconditioned partsXXX
New gasketsXXXX
New screws and wear partsXXXX

GEA Global Marine Service Network – strong local support within a global organization

To get the most out of your installation, GEA Separation not only has a worldwide network of 17 repair workshops, but also offers you specialized marine service support. Our well-trained local service professionals are always within your reach and offer qualified support for a wide range of service jobs and assist you with maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, inspection or consulting. Within our repair network, more than 150 employees are dedicated to delivering the highest quality at the shortest possible timeframe. True to our maxim: We always focus on the performance of your equipment – over the entire life cycle and in response to all your challenges and questions.

Top quality GEA Repair Service…

...means that all workshops worldwide are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and that a specially trained product safety officer monitors compliance with all necessary safety and functional requirements at each location. 

All repair work is carried out in compliance with strict and internationally uniform GEA norms and on the basis of defined repair drawings. Only original spare parts are used. A fully equipped GEA service workshop offers the service of balancing including wet overspeed run, which is mandatory when using new load-bearing bowl parts.

All bowl parts are cleaned with a non-corrosive and non-abrasive cleaning agent to a bright metallic surface. Load-bearing bowl parts must be subjected to a dye penetrant inspection in accordance with GEA norms so that corrosion and crack formations become visible.

GEA Marine Service Organization

At GEA, we strongly believe in local support from a global organization. To fully understand your service demand without any misunderstandings, we support you in your own country and in your own local language. 

Local offices are supported by Regional Service Hubs, which in turn are supported by experts from our headquarters in Germany. This allows us to ensure a high quality and quick response to all your questions. The hub organization even operates on a “follow-the-sun” principle, which means we are active 24 hours a day to ensure your service needs are met.

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