GEA VESTA® Sterile valve technology

GEA VESTA® Sterile Valve Technology

GEA VESTA® Sterile valves are part of GEA’s extensive aseptic valve technology portfolio. These valve lines are characterized by their hermetic sealing concept. The VESTA® Valve line is based on PTFE bellows technology, making it ideally suited to applications in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and cosmetics industries. Thanks to the hermetic sealing of the valve stem by a single-piece PTFE bellows, VESTA® Sterile valves reliably separate product-wetted areas from the environment and thus significantly enhance process and product safety. The valve line, which is based on a seat concept, also boasts optimized flow and dead-space-free valve housing.

An unbeatable advantage over conventional membrane valves is the easy service of VESTA® valves. The maintenance of a VESTA® valve is about ten times faster and saves the manufacturer an enormous amount of time while increasing production availability.

Innovative PTFE bellows valve concept

Do you know? Your Flow Just Got Smarter with PTFE Bellows Valves!

The core component of VESTA® Sterile valves is their single-piece PTFE bellows, which is made from the material TFM 1705. The patented bellows sealing system safely separates the product-wetted area from the atmosphere in all process steps and seals the valve seat.

Adding to its excellent chemical resistance against almost all media, TFM 1705 also complies with all standards relevant for the pharmaceutical industry, including FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 and USP class VI. The high-quality surface finish (Ra≤ 0.8 μm), the seamless and hermetic sealing as well as the CIP/SIP optimized design are further distinguishing features.

Easy maintenance

Maintain with Ease: Keeping it Smooth and Simple!

Their safe and easy handling means VESTA® Sterile valves can be quickly assembled/disassembled, significantly enhancing the efficiency of routine checks and maintenance. VESTA® Sterile valves have no loose parts and all maintenance work can be carried out using standard tools. PTFE bellows showing no wear during routine checks can be re-used without hesitation.

Essentially, a bellows unit includes all of the valve wear parts that come into contact with the product, as well as the components required to replace the unit quickly.

VESTA® Shut-off valves type H_A

VESTA® Shut-off valves type H_A

are used for the controlled shut-off of pipelines in sterile process technology. The modular structure allows the valves to be optimally deployed for the relevant process requirements and capacities.

VESTA® Tank Bottom valves type H_A/T

VESTA® Tank Bottom valves type H_A/T

are used for the controlled shut-off of liquid media in the vessel. They are generally positioned at the lowest point of a vessel, although the valve is also fully drainable when installed horizontally.

VESTA® Sampling valves type H_A/I

VESTA® Sampling valves type H_A/I

are used for aseptic sampling from product pipelines or vessels.

VESTA® Valve Block types HWA & HXA

VESTA® Valve Block types HWA & HXA

are compact and versatile sterile valves with two independent actuators. The single-piece housing design enables the merging, separating, or diverting of product flow in very tight spaces.

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Selezionare valvole e pompe per applicazioni di processo farmaceutiche

Le linee guida qui riportate possono aiutare i progettisti e i gestori degli impianti a trovare un equilibrio tra gli obiettivi di sicurezza igienica e di efficienza economica. Le attrezzature adatte, le opzioni disponibili e i vantaggi commerciali sono spiegati sulla base di componenti della gamma di pompe e valvole GEA.
Syringe and vial.

VESTA® valves in state-of-the-art Korean insulin line

GEA has supplied one of the largest drug manufacturers in Korea with manufacturing equipment for a state-of-the-art pharma production plant. More than 7,000 VESTA® sterile valves were installed to direct the product flow in two...

GEA Flow Components

Ottimizzare l'industria farmaceutica con GEA Flow Components

Pompe, valvole e apparecchiature di pulizia serbatoi per una produzione farmaceutica igienica ed efficiente

Aseptic valves & components

Valvole e componenti per il trattamento asettico di liquidi

Le valvole asettiche devono soddisfare i requisiti molto elevati dei processi UltraClean e asettici. Tutte garantiscono la massima qualità in termini di esecuzione igienica e sostenibilità.

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