Liquid Dosage


As a result of growing competition and more stringent regulatory requirements for end-user safety, improving the convenience and ease of administration of parenteral therapeutics is becoming a common strategy for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Manufacturers wishing to gain market share and provide high quality products for healthcare professionals and cancer patients alike are increasingly investing in the development and delivery of liquid dosage forms, freeze-dried products and injectables.

Pharmaceutical Development

GEA is known all over the world for its individual and tailor-made process plant for the manufacture of free-flowing pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. Complete plant, modular equipment, process units and skids can be assembled, tested and qualified in our own production facilities. We perform tests and trial runs with appropriate media to demonstrate the functionality of all components and equipment before the plant is delivered.

In collaboration and partnership with our customers, we aim to develop and deliver high-performance plant and economic process systems that comply with the highest operational safety and environmental standards; we want our customers to use our groundbreaking solutions to manufacture even better products in the future.

GEA can supply a specialized, contained and fully integrated system when no standard off-the-shelf one exists, particularly for toxic or highly potent drugs such as cytostatics or echo contrast media. With our innovative ideas and fresh approaches, together with your project team, we will find a solution that’s tailored to your needs — from basic engineering to fabrication and qualification.  

GEA Insights.

GEA helps dairy cows avoid lameness with AI solution

GEA minimise les boiteries grâce à une solution basée sur l’IA

GEA CattleEye alerte les éleveurs de bovins lait quand les vaches boitent, leur permettant de soigner rapidement les pathologies pour assurer la santé de leur cheptel et une production de lait optimale.

Clothes recycled by GEA

Les solutions GEA permettent le recyclage fibre à fibre des textiles

Les solutions de recyclage chimique de GEA permettent de recycler des textiles en fibres mélangées à du PET pour en fabriquer de nouveaux vêtements durables.

Workers working at Hovione

Advancing continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing

GEA and partners innovate flexible continuous processing technologies, transforming pharmaceutical development and manufacturing for a modernized future.

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