Achema 2024

Transforming Tomorrow at Achema

10-14 June, Frankfurt, Germany.
Hall 4.0, booth G66

GEA at Achema 2024
In an era defined by rapid change and technological advancements, GEA stands at the forefront of innovation, committed to steering industries towards a more efficient, sustainable, and prosperous future. "Transforming Tomorrow" reflects our dedication to revolutionizing the way businesses operate, harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly practices to boost productivity and reduce environmental impact.
At GEA, we believe in transformation as a strategy not just to meet current demands but to anticipate and shape future needs. Embark with us on a journey of transformation, turning challenges into opportunities and establishing new standards of excellence across all sectors we engage with.


NexGen Press 30

Tablet Compression

Discover Next-Generation Tablet Compression.
At Achema, the latest addition to the NexGen Press family, the NexGen Press 45, will be revealed.

kytero 500 Perfusion

World first: GEA kytero® 500 Perfusion

World first single-use disk stack separator for perfusion assuring

• Mobile “plug-and-produce” unit with a minimal footprint for research and development as well as small-scale production
• Easy and fast installation
• Proven...

Lyophilization ALUS web


As a long-term partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, our equipment stands for high performance, quality and reliable, trouble-free operation. Discover our latest developments in freeze-drying technology

GEA Atomizer A20D

New atomizer with double capacity and reduced maintenance - A20D Atomizer

The new A20D atomizer for spray dryers has twice the capacity of its predecessor, and features improved hygienic design, but also requires less maintenance. Visit our stand to find out more.

White t-shirt, blue sky, greens

GEA for polycotton textile recycling

In the age of disrupted supply chains because of geopolitics, climate change and raw materials scarcity, responsible recycling offers a strategic advantage to apparel manufacturers -making possible to tackle one of the most pressing...

CUT Raw materials container

GEA Battery recycling: giving lithium-ion batteries a second life.

End-of-life batteries contain valuable materials like lithium, coblat, manganese & nickel. Their recovery for their reuse in the production of new batteries is possible with our evaporation, crystallization & drying exper...

GEA CEBO Carbon Capturing

GEA CEBO Carbon Capturing

Cutting-edge amine-based CO2 capture plants of various sizes for the efficient capturing of CO2 from diverse exhaust gas compositions.

Pharma Market API

Aseptic spray dryers for sterile pharma applications

Aseptic spray drying technology designed for pharmaceutical applications, giving you the freedom to formulate sterile powders for injection.

PandaSMART lab homogenizer

GEA PandaSMART lab homogenizer

The new PandaSMART is the most automated table-top homogenizer, the perfect solution for the pharma laboratories and R&D centers requesting cGMP and data recording. It includes PLC with HMI, suitable for CFR21 and GAMP cert...

Rhino radial collider

GEA Rhino high-pressure homogenizers and radial colliders

GEA Rhino High-pressure Homogenizers and Radial Colliders with Zero-Gasket execution option are for heavy duty industrial applications requiring high pressure up to 200 MPa and high abrasion, adhesion and solvent resistance coming...

GEA AddCool® heat pump solution

GEA AddCool® for sustainable spray drying

GEA's cutting-edge high-temperature heat pump solution enables you to reduce the carbon footprint of your spray drying plant by minimizing fossil fuel and primary energy consumption.

GEA OptiPartner process optimization

GEA OptiPartner advanced process control for spray dryers

GEA OptiPartner combines GEA’s process know-how with operational expertise to optimize the productivity of spray drying plants for powder production.

ACHEMA Innovation Themes

This year, our selected ACHEMA Innovation Themes will see experts taking you for a deep-dive into some of the key areas that are driving innovation and shaping the process industries. Each innovation theme will be presented on a topic-oriented live stage and will be supported by the ACHEMA scientific conference program and eye-opening highlight sessions from the process industries.

GEA experts will be on stage to share their know-how on the following stages:
#process innovation, #pharma innovation, #green innovation and #digital innovation.

We are sure you will enjoy the presentations and if you want to continue the conversation, come by our stand -we will be waiting to welcome you!

GEA at #process innovation stage

Future-prove your plant —>

Process technology is at a cross-roads: as new investments in "green technology" are scaling up at unseen speed, requirements for keeping the installed asset-base online and competitive are more dynamic than ever.

Discover the latest developments in process engineering, analytics and equipment that help you meet the mark!

GEA at #pharma innovation stage

Future-prove your plant —>

The (bio)pharmaceutical industry has very specific requirements relating to process and product quality. This starts with the equipment and materials for the manufacturing of chemical and biological therapeutics as well as vaccines and extends to innovative production concepts and processes, packaging and labelling.

GEA at #green innovation stage

Reshaping the industry —>

Fossil-free, bio-based and circular-green innovation is reshaping industries around the world. The time is now to shift focus from lab-scale, start-ups and policy-desk to industrial scale-up and reconfiguring value creation for sustainable ecosystems.

Team-up and gear-up for the decade of delivery in the global process industries!

GEA at #digital innovation stage

Transforming the process industry —>

Implementing digital innovations like advanced analytics or Industry 4.0 technologies becomes increasingly essential to stay ahead of the curve. IT vs. OT, connectivity vs. security or smart vs. smart enough -the challenge for owner-operators is to find just the right setup for their business.

Get ready and find the short-cuts for your digital transformation journey!

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