NexGen Press® range

NexGen Press

The NexGen Press® range represents the ultimate combination of modular design, digitization, safety, ease of use and ergonomic functionality.

NexGen Press 30 with ECM out
To respond to present and future market demands, manufacturers are looking for flexible and multifunctional solutions that can handle both low and high potency active ingredients. This next generation of modular tablet presses will make machine selection easier, facilitate fast product changeovers and deliver price-performance leadership. Offering operational excellence, each NexGen Press® is intuitive, simple to use and benefits from a back-to-basics design philosophy. And, of course, like any GEA press, safety, robust functionality, support and customer service come as standard.

Flexibility comes as a standard

Close-up of OEB4/5 ECM NexGen Press 30

Available in two formats the CE-certified NexGen Press® GMP features a dust-tight enclosure for easy handling. If required, with the addition of lay flats and pressure monitoring, the GMP option can be upgraded for OEB 3 containment applications.

For example, an entry level machine can be upgraded to meet specific process requirements, such as bilayer tableting, different washing options and/or to further reduce the risk of cross-contamination, as and when required.

The NexGen Press® OEB offers both OEB 4 and 5 containment functionality and can be equipped with the BUCK® Digital Canary for real-time monitoring and/or the BUCK® (U)MC valve for contained loading.

Featuring a reduced-volume and isolated product contact area, the “double barrier” will increase operator safety. Being easier and faster to clean will mean shorter production changeovers and less downtime. The contained turret allows for a replacement to be installed in less than 1 hour. And, in an increasingly connected working environment, the presses are Industry 4.0-compatible and digitalized. 

Designed to accommodate a wide range of functionalities, from general GMP production to high-containment applications, GEA has once again applied its experience and knowledge to serve the current and future pharmaceutical workforce, and the patients who depend on their products.

Furthermore, the NexGen Press® range is fully compatible with GEA’s new Digital Canary monitoring system, which both detects product leaks from contained pharmaceutical production lines and protects the health and safety of your operators.

Offering a number of plug-and-play options for applications including orodispersible, MUPS and bilayer tablets, the NexGen Press® also benefits from a user-friendly HMI with multitouch functionality, interactive digital manuals and online project documents. 

Building on a legacy of succes

When designing the NexGen Press®, the best features of the previous ranges were kept, as they have proven to be invaluable in terms of enhancing productivity and flexibility.

For example, the unique Air Compensator technology — fitted to the pre- and main compression stations of every machine in the NexGen® Press range — allows to run the machine using either the industry-standard force control for weight and hardness, or to use one of the additional five compression modes. These compression modes, depending on how the air compensator is used during pre- and main compression, help to reduce capping, sticking and overcome other common production issues.

Better Together: Innovation and Sustainability

Add Better

To meet the rigorous standards of ISO 14021 and adhere to the defined criteria set by TÜV Rheinland, the NexGen Press® 30 underwent external audits, emerging as a deserving recipient of GEA's Add Better label.* This label is a testament to GEA's dedication to providing solutions that are not just better but significantly superior to their predecessors.

To evaluate the energy-saving potential of NexGen Press® 30, we conducted extensive testing, comparing the machine's total power consumption at the 3-phase power supply inlet to GEA's previous range of tablet presses.  

On average, NexGen Press® 30 achieved a remarkable 21% reduction in power consumption compared to its predecessors.

* The Add Better label relates to the serial product GEA NexGen Press® 30, released in August 2022.

A perfect blend of physical and digital

The patented Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) concept not only provides improved containment and has a lower product-contact area compared with other models on the market, it is also WIP/WOL-compatible and facilitates fast changeovers in a small footprint, high-output rotary tablet press with multiple compression modes.

Modular by design, every NexGen Press® can be customized to fit specific applications — for now or the future — with predefined option packs. Examples include bilayer and MUPS tablets, poorly flowing powders, small volume/high yield products and those that require antisticking solutions. 

Additional features such as punch face lubrication (iSpray), an intermittent cleaning system, A2D tooling for increased capacity, PAT integration and UL certification are also available.

For ongoing peace of mind, out-of-the-box training and support is always on hand. GEA offers immersive tuition via virtual reality, support intervention via a two-way remote support link, built-in preventive maintenance and a QR code system for spare parts.


ToolingDBBBBBS   A2D
Max. tablet diameter [mm]25,416 (L=19)13 (L=14,3)1111
Punch body diameter [mm]25,419191912
Outside die diameter [mm]38,130,16242238,1
Die height [mm]23,8122,2222,2222,2223,81
Number of stations2328323646
Max. fill depth [mm]2019191919
Top punch penetration [mm]1 to 4
Max. pre-compression force [kN]10
Max. main compression force [kN]100
Max. output capacity [tab/h]124.200201.600230.400259.200331.200
Electrical requirements3phase+PE – 380V - 480 V – 50Hz / 60Hz + 2 phase+PE - 200-240V 50 Hz / 60 Hz
(nominal consumption 6 kW; power installed 11,9 kVA)
Compressed air requirementsclean & dry / 7-8 bar / 500l/m peak - 100l/m average
Dust extraction requirements150 m³/h at 15 mbar
Machine dimensions & weightW = 1167 mm x D = 1364 mm x H = 2351 m – 2800 kg

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