Storage Silos / Bulk Storage

Powder Silos

GEA specializes in the supply of bulk storage silos and hoppers for food products, including dairy powders, sugar, flour, starch, salt and a wide variety of ingredients, mixtures and cereals.

GEA Nu-Con powder silos

Installations are designed to suit each application and are based on available building space, process storage requirements and product type.


  • Indoor or outdoor silos
  • Epoxy coated steel, stainless steel or aluminium construction
  • Flexible fabric silos (such as high strength woven Trevira polyester) with steel support frames
  • Round or rectangular silos with conical, chisel or flat outlets
  • Vacuum, pressure and explosion relief systems
  • Access equipment: ladders, platforms, manholes, windows and illumination


  • Dehumidification systems for hygroscopic products and humid or tropical environments
  • Ventilation systems including heating and cooling as required
  • Road tanker filling systems
  • Pneumatic and mechanical filling systems
  • Loadcell weighing and point, ultrasonic, guided radar etc level measurement
  • Discharge equipment using vibratory, aeration and mechanical devices.

    Our scope of supply is not limited to the supply of the silo components. We can supply the entire powder storage and conveying system including software and integration to the plant.

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