Immediately available equipment from stock

New and used food processing equipment from stock

You can get your production up-to-speed even faster with new and refurbished GEA food processing equipment, available from stock. Fast delivery, lower costs, but still with the same high quality and reliability you expect from GEA. 

Up-to-speed at lower cost
Our second-hand GEA machines have been carefully selected and refurbished to provide you with many years of service for the processing of meat, poultry, fish & meat replacement products. We restore only those machines that we know have been regularly serviced by qualified GEA engineers or certified service centers.  

All our factory-rebuilt machines have been refurbished to their original condition, using 100% guaranteed original spare parts and the expertise of our experienced engineers. All our used food processing equipment is backed by the GEA warranty and supported by our global service teams. This guarantees you many years of trouble-free operation, and the same level of performance, safety and quality, for which GEA is trusted worldwide..

As well as used GEA equipment we refurbish machinery under our heritage brands, such as CFS, Koppens, Wolfking, Belam, Scanio and K&G.

New equipment

New equipment


The GEA OptiFlour is a versatile, dedicated dust-free flour applicator, which is providing excellent performance and accurate pick-up control for thin pre-dust, seeded flours and light to medium crumbs. Working together with the GEA OptiAir, it is the first in the industry to work dust-free

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New equipment


The GEA CrumbMaster is a versatile, dedicated crumb coater embodying more than 50 years’ experience in developing coating machines working closely with leading coating producers. It efficiently handles an exceptionally broad range of crumb types from fine to coarse with minimal crumb breakage. Its clever design, with no loose parts, keeps cleaning and maintenance simple.

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New equipment

PowerGrind 280

This robust industrial food grinding equipment is equally suitable for coarse and fine grinding of fresh and frozen meat. GEA PowerGrind is known for its modularity, hygienic design and reliable performance in food grinding.

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Second hand equipment

Built 1997 | E022102001961 | Second hand equipment

MultiFormer 400

The GEA MultiFormer adds appeal to food by forming red meat, pork, poultry, seafood, cheese, vegetables and meat replacement products into virtually any shape. The simple design delivers high production capacities, and it comes with a programmable PLC to optimize the forming cycle for every individual product. 

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2016 | E050970405041 | Second hand equipment

MultiShaker 450-1600

The multifunctional GEA shaker solutions provide transport, product spreading, brine settling and removal of excess brine in injection lines for fresh half birds, chicken parts like legs, wings, fillets and breast caps and also pork backs or other pork and beef cuts.

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