Evaporation Technology TVR heated evaporation plants

The use of a thermal vapor recompressor (TVR) gives the same steam/energy saving as an additional evaporation effect.

During thermal vapor recompression, vapor from a boiling chamber is recompressed to the higher pressure of a heating.


The saturated steam temperature corresponding to the heating chamber pressure is higher so that the vapor can be reused for heating.

To this end, steam jet vapor recompressors are used. They operate according to the steam jet pump principle. They have no moving parts and are therefore not  subject to wear and tear. This ensures maximum operational  reliability.

A certain steam quantity, the so-called motive steam, is required for operation of a thermal vapor recompressor. This motive steam portion is transferred as excess vapor to the next effect or to the condenser. The energy of the excess vapors approximates the energy of the motive steam quantity used.


Our core competence is to use our in-house TVR design and know how to optimize the evaporator efficiency.