Truck Mount Spreaders

Custom-made tanks for a wide range of vehicles

Our truck mount spreader is designed to be custom-made for a wide range of vehicles. The tank is made of 1/4" (6 mm) thick steel providing durability. The low profile tanks provide maximum visibility and great stability. As all of our line of spreader tanks, the truck mount spreader offer many options to meet customer requirements.

Key Features

  • Bolted steel fenders and rubber mud guards to cover 2 or 3 axles.
  • Four jacks with telescopic extensions for storage
  • Abrasion resistant steel pump
  • 40 gpm hydraulic motor
  • Mechanical drive
  • 18" (45.7 cm) hopper over fill opening
  • Flapper door on fill opening
  • Hydraulic sliding door on fill opening
  • Nursing kit
  • In-tank recirculation kit
  • Powerful halogen beam
  • Roll-off system

Global Page Information

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