Distillation Technology Tray and Packing Columns

Columns form the core of any distillation plant.

According to the product characteristics and the separating tasks individual applicable solutions must be found and designed.

Computer modelling and the  access to large product data bases allows a precise , effective and reliable design of our plants.

Additionally GEA has its own Research and Developpment Centre at  its disposal . This enables the evaluation of the most suitable solutions  for complex or new tasks with various possibilities of testing  of different internals and processes parameters.


Certain pilot plants are available as  mobile units and can therefor be installed at a customer´s site.  Data is captured and plant operating behaviour modelled by  means of the latest  programs.  This possibility  can be precious for the clients before  making big investments: he achieves  a  higher grade of safety  regarding  indispensable product qualities as, for example , the organoleptic properties of his drinking alcohol.

GEA is free to apply column internals of different suppliers thus having the advantage  to chose the best design for the process tasks.