Manure Spreading STR Series Manure Semi-Tanker

The STR Series Semi-Tanker is designed to efficiently transport liquid manure from the farm to the field using a semi-truck.

Experience first-class functionality and drivability of the STR Series Manure Semi-Tanker, and feel what is like to manage manure in the most convenient way.

Widen your horizons

The STR Series Manure Semi-Tanker allows you to haul further and faster. By streamlining manure transport from farm to field, you save time, fuel and wear and tear of your equipment. Furthermore, the STR Series Semi-Tanker can haul and apply slurry directly on hard soils after harvest. The road to more efficient manure transport is now wide open. Extend your range of operation with the STR Series Manure Semi-Tankers from GEA - the first-class manure hauling solution.

Safe and easy manure handling

The STR Semi-Tanker models have been designed in compliance with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards, US Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada guidelines for vehicle configuration. These design criteria make the STR Series properly suited for transportation on a wider variety of roads compared to a traditional tractor and manure spreader.

Superior driveability

  • Road-proven Manac Undercarriage – a leading semi-trailer manufacturer in North America.
  • Field-proven and well-known unique reservoir shape for enhanced function and drivability. Lower center of gravity than round tank shapes and internal baffles which limit liquid movement inside the reservoir during travel.

High mechanical design standards

  • Stainless steel reservoir and inside baffles for increased corrosion resistance and long service life.

Maximum efficiency

  • Long articulated transfer pipe suitable for loading from the road or allowing the liquid manure spreader to get close enough to the semi-tanker without having to fold-up the toolbar.

Don’t let distance slow you down.
Hit the road with the STR Series Manure Semi-Tanker.


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