Pump & clean with one pump only


The GEA Hilge NOVATWIN twin screw pump range allows production and CIP operation with one pump. It fulfills the highest hygienic requirements and ensures reliable production based on a proven twin screw pump design.

GEA Hilge NOVATWIN+ is the new flexible twin screw pump series in the GEA VARIPUMP line.

The best pump for your application

The GEA Hilge NOVATWIN range allows production and cleaning with only one pump by variable speeds up to 3000 rpm. Its self-priming capability of up to 8 meters opens new application fields.

The 3-A certified pump design ensures gentle product handling with almost no pulsation, which makes the pump especially suitable for large and delicate particles.

The system pressure of 30 bar enables also high-pressure applications.

Variable combinations

The pump housing can be equipped with various hardened screw combinations. Reverse flow direction as well as flexible port positions are possible on individual customer demand. This allows the NOVATWIN range to adapt to different applications, media and operating conditions.

Shaft Seals

To accommodate different applications and media, GEA Hilge NOVATWIN are available with single or double mechanical seals. 

The mechanical seals are inboard seals placed in the optimum position in the pump to ensure outstanding lubrication and cooling. They also comply with the hygienic design criteria in CIP and SIP processes.

Seal face materials are carefully selected to suit the specific media. Standard materials are silicon carbide /silicon carbide with EPDM elastomers (FDA-compliant).


  • Sterile flanges to DIN 11864-2 / DIN 11853-2
  • Threads to DIN 11851
  • Clamps to DIN 32676
  • Sterile threads to DIN 11864-1 / DIN 11853-1
  • Other connections available upon request. This includes SMS, RJT, IDF, etc., and special sterile threads and flanges


  • With bare shafts
  • With geared or standard motor and coupling mounted on stainless steel base frame
  • With stainless steel motor shroud
  • Mounted on trolley
Add better

Resource–efficient solution

The high-performance twin screw pump NOVATWIN+ has been awarded the Add Better label.* With the new design of the NOVATWIN+, the volume has been increased and thus a smaller size can be used in 2/3 of all cases, saving on average 13% energy thanks to its higher efficiency.
*The Add Better label relates to the serial product GEA Hilge NOVATWIN+, released in July 2023. The comparison refers to its predecessor model, the GEA Hilge NOVATWIN.

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Add Better Label for GEA Hilge NOVATWIN+ : Resource efficient pumping with the redesigned twin screw pump


The GEA Hilge NOVATWIN pumps are suitable for a variety of applications, such as:


  • Cream Cheese
  • Butter
  • Yoghurt
  • Sour Cream
  • Ice Cream


  • Sugar solution
  • Chocolate
  • Sauces
  • Soups
  • Mayonnaise
  • Pastes
  • Oils & Fats
  • Prepared Salads
  • Pet Food


  • Smoothies
  • Juice Concentrate
  • Pre-mixes
  • Brewing Yeast

Pharma & Biopharma

  • Neutraceuticals
  • Blood Products
  • Vaccines
  • Enzymes
  • Cell cultures

Personal Care & Home Care

  • Cosmetics
  • Body & Skincare
  • Fabric care
  • Household Cleaners

Additional options

Thermal Jackets

This option allows to either heat or cool the pump chamber depending on the temperature requirements for the pumped media.

Hardened pump housing

For abrasive media screws and additionally the pump housing can be hardened to ensure a longer lifetime of the pump.

Program overview

Pump modelNOVATWIN 10 / 15NOVATWIN+ 10NOVATWIN 20 / 25NOVATWIN+ 20 / 25NOVATWIN 30 / 35NOVATWIN+ 30 / 35NOVATWIN 40 / 45NOVATWIN+ 40 / 45NOVATWIN 50 / 55NOVATWIN 60 / 65
Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. flow rate (m³/h)
Max. differential pressure
Max. speed (rpm)
Max. speed (rpm)
Standard connection
size (mm)
Max. particle size (mm)17 / 251725 / 3325 / 3331 / 4331 / 4338 / 5338 / 5346 / 6255 / 74

With the new design of the NOVATWIN+, the volume has been increased and thus a smaller size can be used in 2/3 of all cases, saving up to 23% material.

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