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GEA Scan-Vibro Sifters for chemical and other industrial applications

Our vibrating sifting solutions have been developed in close co-operation with our customers to ensure that they meet their careful handling needs. Unique solutions coupled with high quality manufacturing standards have enabled us to build on our experience whilst helping our customers to meet the changing needs of their businesses.

A common feature of the various sifters we supply for industrial applications is that, unlike the food-grade versions, they are not finished to a sanitary level. They are, however, robust and reliable, offering a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of processes. Nonetheless, higher levels of sanitary design are available on request.

Suitable materials for processing include wood pellets, seeds, minerals, cement, fish flour, fertilizer, recycling and household waste. Suggested applications include fractionation, control screening, dust and water removal.

Easy clean features ensure fast and effective washing to prevent the contamination of sensitive products. Plus, gentle handling results in reduced product damage, lower losses owing to particles breaking away, improved product consistency (size), less waste and minimal reprocessing.

Tailor-made to suit your requirements and available with an open or closed design, GEA Scan-Vibro sifters are easy to operate, inspect and maintain, and provide an energy and cost-effective solution for a wide range of high efficiency size separation requirements.

Key Features

  • Robust, low maintenance and designed for continuous operation 
  • Easy to clean (CIP-compatible)
  • Tool-free screen replacement 
  • Owing to the special combination of oscillation, frequency of vibration and stroke length, the sifters offer extremely gentle product handling, reducing damage and losses to a minimum
  • Operation conditions: –20 to +55 °C

Additional features and options include

  • Screening area from 0.5–8.0 m² 
  • Compliance with USDA 3-A, EHEDG and ATEX
  • CIP nozzles
  • Screen cleaning system to prevent blinding
  • Various finish grades available (can be polished from 1.3–0.2 µm)
  • Manual (standard) or pneumatic screen tensioning system
  • Motors made entirely of stainless steel 
  • Large top covers fitted with gas struts and various inspection covers available
  • Support frame mounted on wheels for mobility 
  • Tailor-made to suit your application
  • Metal detectable screen mesh (EN 1.4016/AISI 430)

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