Powder Handling Components

GEA is your single-source supplier of powder handling, filling and packing solutions. Whether purchasing an individual machine or a fully integrated system, our clients benefit from our understanding of the exacting requirements of the powder processing industries. We know that our customers demand high standards of quality, reliability and hygiene, so everything we do is done with these requirements in mind.

Nutritional Formula Powder Handling, Conveying & Mixing

Powdered nutritional formulas are a precisely controlled blend of cow’s milk and other proteins and constituents that may include including fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Many of these final products may be sensitive to both oxygen and to mechanical handling. GEA has developed a range of versatile powder handling solutions to ensure that the structure, composition and quality of all powdered ingredients and the final product are retained throughout the production and packaging processes.

Powdered nutritional formulations are commonly processed and packed into 25 at some stage be unloaded, and the contents conveyed, mixed and re-packaged into retail containers. This can mean that the nutritional formula powder is subjected to multiple mechanical processes before it is finally packaged as a consumer product. GEA has developed a portfolio of powder handling and conveying technologies that have been designed to ensure that the final product is not adversely affected by mechanical manipulation.

Conveying powders without disintegration

Agglomerated nutritional powders need particularly careful handling and conveying to protect the integrity of the powders and their components, especially when long transportation distances and multiple handling stages are involved. GEA’s positive pressure and vacuum conveying systems are designed to ensure minimal breakdown of these powders. Our conveying solutions are configured to combine flow control systems with integrated software solutions that ensure sensitive powders are transported safely from the dryer fluid bed right through to finished packing.

Unloading powdered ingredients

Nutritional formulas are commonly produced by adding precise quantities of powdered constituents, including vitamins and minerals, to an intermediate or base milk powder. These base and ingredient powders are also commonly packed into intermediate storage containers such as 25 kg bags or bulk bags. GEA offers bag, bulk bag and box, unloading, in combination with conveying systems that are designed to handle these intermediate products through to mixing, before they are combined into a finished powdered product. Our expertise extends to the design of hygienic and ergonomic (bulk) bag handling solutions, including fully automated systems for delivering the raw ingredients to the conveying and batch mixing processes.

Gentle powder mixing

We also offer a versatile range of mechanical mixing technologies. GEA powder mixers have been specifically designed for powdered products that require a flexible process with low powder degradation and a high degree of uniformity in the mixing process. 

As a total solutions provider, GEA combines its powder conveying, loss-in-weight feeding and mixing technologies, with fully integrated controls systems to provide state-of-the-art solutions for nutritional powder producers.


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