Barn Cleaner System for Tie-Stall Barn

Find out more about the drive units, chains and corner wheels available to layout your tie stall barn cleaner.

This type of barn cleaning system is used for tie-stall dairy barns to convey manure from a gutter located behind cows. Running in a closed circuit, the paddles, driven by a chain, scrape the gutter all the way until it gets to the elevator where manure will be piled up outside the barn either on a concrete slab or in a concrete pit.

Barn cleaning system offered by GEA are adapted to operate in clock wise or counter clock wise rotation – By standing up behind the drive unit, you determine the rotation of the system . Corner boxes and other features are available to suit your installation and ease your manure handling management.

H-86 and H-95 Heavy-Duty Drive Units

  • The H-86 drives up to 500' (152 m) of chain.
  • The H-95 drives up to 700' (213 m) of chain.
  • Automatic releasing clutch in case of over load.
  • Quick tensioner mounted on the drive unit frame when installed on all elevators 15' (4,5 m) long and under. For longer elevators, the quick tensioner is located close to the barn to ease chain tensioning operation.
  • Insulated motor base to protect against stray voltage.
  • 2½" (6,4 cm) main drive shaft mounted on greasable nylon bushings.
  • Drive shaft made of high precision steel and mounted on greasable ball bearings.
  • Double belt clutch pulley.
  • Roller chain tensioners made of UHMW plastic.

Chain and paddle models

Three chain models available: 7/8" (22 mm), Pintle and Hook & Eye chains. All paddles are made of 1/4" (6 mm) thick rugged steel. Paddle sizes available are 2" (51 mm) wide and each of them comes in two different heights choice.
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