Herd Management Software DairyPlan C21

Herd management is particularly efficient with the DairyPlan C21 software. With this product, you can always keep an eye on important data.

DairyManagementSystem 21

Added value through time savings: Many tasks involved in herd management can be reliably automated.

The DairyPlan C21 herd management software is the flexible solution which can be individually adjusted to any size of farm and to your specific demands thanks to its modular design. Here are the advantages at a glance:

  • Central herd management with all animal and production data
  • Management functions for milking, reproduction, feeding and animal health
  • Wide-ranging and individual evaluations and analysis in the form of graphs or tables
  • Seamless integration of custom-made systems for calculation of milk yield
  • Also available for goats or sheep as G21 and S21

The most important components in the system solution for effective herd management are a custom-built milk management system, the reliable identification of individual animals, automatic feeding and animal sorting by AutoSelect, FeedSelect and automatic oestrus detection.

Additional functionalities are available with DPVet and DPSingle.


  • Seamless and punctual detection of the need for treatment of sick animals
  • Initiation, performance and checking of each individual treatment


  • Automatic identification of animals with a low milk yield and high conductivity as having suspected mastitis.
  • Basic data relating to the animal and important information on its current lactation, constantly at a glance and even in graphical form.

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