External Rotary Parlor iFLOW Platform

A modular milking system custom-built to suit not only your dairy farm, but also your business goals.

At GEA, we know your farming business is unique and that’s exactly why the iFLOW’s modular design is customised to suit not only your dairy, but also your business goals.

iFLOW milking process

At GEA, we know your farming business is unique and that’s exactly why the iFLOW’s modular design is customised to suit not only your dairy, but also your business goals.

Whether you’re looking for improved cow throughput, increased cow knowledge, ease of operation, high-end automation, improved staffing efficiencies, or simply a reliable system that pays for itself by way of reliability and low maintenance then you need a system that’s built to fit your farm.

With over 40 years experience helping our farmers increase efficiencies and improve their bottom-line, we confidently combine local ingenuity and world-class engineering to supply a milking platform custom-built to suit your needs.

Double beam roller system

The iFLOW system is hailed as the trouble-free system that goes and goes, offering you the lowest total cost of ownership of any rotary platform on the market.

A simple, but clever modular system, it’s low maintenance and provides efficiency and flexibility for growing operations. In most circumstances, it only requires an annual service.

Trouble-free operation

Cups on iPUD

The iFLOW consists of a reinforced concrete deck on a raised plinth. The milking machine is mounted under the platform, so it’s physically protected and easily accessible for maintenance. It runs quietly and is hard wearing.

Under the platform is a subway roller carriage system. Heavy duty nylon rollers run between the upper and lower steel beams (double ‘I’ beam), with tensioners distributed evenly to maintain correct roller alignment. One roller every 600mm ensures an even distribution of the platform weight, meaning less wear on rollers. Also, it is equipped with the largest circumference drive wheels on the market, so there is less pressure on the beams to drive the platform, resulting in less wear and tear.

The use of nylon rollers means there’s no steel on steel, no wear strip is required and there are no bearings. Again, that’s less wear and tear, plus, fitted with an automatic lubrication system, there is no requirement for messy manual oil lubrication. Basically, the iFLOW design relies on simplicity, strength and ergonomics to ensure a long life and trouble-free operation.

Why iFLOW?

  • Auto cup removers incorporated into bail design
  • Auto teat sprayers for reduced infection risk
  • Low input – with the ability to milk 600 cows with just one operator
  • Low maintenance roller system 
  • High throughput with 100 stall capacity
  • Auto greasers
  • Integrated herd management software
  • Relaxed milking experience promoting optimum cow comfort
  • Better cow flow 
  • Reduced worker load
  • Easy access and use control panel.

Drive efficiency with GEA iFLOW

Drive dairy efficiency with GEA iFLOW - testimonial

Milking performance – cows / hour

Rotation times (mins)
No. of rotary bailsNo.Cows milked per hour
Optimum milking performance

Milfos iCONVEYER Milking System

iCONVEYER is a fast and highly efficient lowline rotary milking system.

Milk is transferred gently from the cow to the receiver before being filtered, cooled and stored in the bulk tank. Low operating vacuum levels ensures cow teat end comfort throughout the milking process.

Automation and highly intelligent milking equipment designed and developed specifically for rotaries are key features of the system. With the iCONVEYER you can build your system to meet your automation requirements now and into the future.

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