Herringbone Parlor EuroClass 800/850/800 RE

The EuroClass 800/850/800 RE herringbone milking parlor is a real space-saver and combines compact construction with efficiency and an animal-friendly design.

A herringbone milking parlor allows you to milk large herds in a small space. GEA is the agricultural systems provider behind the EuroClass 800/850/800 RE, a very compact milking parlor with bay spacings of just 800 or 850 millimeters. Despite its small size, it ensures the milking process is fast and gentle on the animals, increases your yields and produces high-quality milk.

An overview of the benefits of the EuroClass 800/850/800 RE herringbone milking parlor

  • Easy to attach the milking cluster as the cow is positioned quickly
  • Large gangways for fast entry into the milking parlor
  • High cow comfort due to the stress-free entry system and open design of the milking stalls
  • Can be expanded with electronic milk management systems from GEA
  • Rapid-Exit to increase throughput by up to 15 %

EuroClass 800/850/800 RE herringbone milking parlor: fast, stress-free entrance

You can see the benefits of the EuroClass 800/850/800 RE herringbone milking parlor as soon as the cows enter:

  • Despite its smaller overall dimensions, GEA has given the EuroClass 800/850/800 RE a particularly wide gangway. This helps to get the cows into position more quickly and increases throughput.
  • GEA has also avoided using stanchions on the EuroClass 800/850/800 RE herringbone milking parlor, without affecting its stability and regulated entry to the milking stalls.
  • The optimally designed entrance gates get the cow to her milking stall quickly. This reduces the animal's stress levels to a minimum.

The EuroClass 800/850/800 RE herringbone milking parlor - for milking large herds in a small space

A key feature of the EuroClass 800/850/800 RE is its compact construction. This has been achieved by using particularly small bay spacings of 800 or 850 millimeters. This means that GEA can offer you a herringbone milking parlor for milking large herds even if you only have a small amount of space available at your dairy.

The EuroClass is available in different sizes:

  • EuroClass 800 RE: from 2x8 to 2x25 milking stalls
  • EuroClass 800/850: from 1x3 to 2x25 milking stalls

You can milk large herds with high throughput and increase your yields without a big investment or large amounts of space.

Open design for easy access and optimized visual control

The open design of the EuroClass 800/850/800 RE supports you during the milking process. It gives you a perfect view of the udder and makes it easier to attach the milking clusters. The wave-shaped front gate allows the cows to find a comfortable position quickly and gives better access for attaching the milking clusters. You always have all of the milking stalls in view and can react quickly to any problems.

If you need even more control, you can expand the EuroClass 800/850/800 RE with electronic milking control devices

In keeping with GEA's systems provider strategy, the EuroClass 800/850/800 RE herringbone milking parlor can be expanded on a modular basis and further components can be added to it. The MetaTron P/S 21 milking control devices are particularly practical solutions as they automate the milking process and give you all of the important data at a glance. They are easy to access as they are mounted at working height on the milking stalls and are all interconnected. This means that you can control all of the milking stalls with any of the milking control devices – regardless of where you are in the milking parlor.

To further increase throughput, GEA offers the innovative Rapid-Exit front exit system

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You can increase throughput by up to 15 % by choosing the EuroClass 800 RE herringbone milking parlor. It features the innovative Rapid-Exit system: Moving arms release the cows from the front of the milking parlor. The next animals can then be guided in quickly. The front arms are controlled using the DPNet gate control, which can also be combined with the milking control devices to fully automate your system.

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