GEA Smart Filtration CIP

Reduce the electrical power usage of your membrane filtration process without compromising the effectiveness of your cleaning process.

Smart filtration CIP & Flush cleaning

The challenges you face

  • The need to reduce energy consumption and cost
  • The requirement to reduce your carbon footprint and cooling water consumption

Smart Filtration CIP helps to reduce your costs, minimize your impact on the environment, improve your profitability and comes as standard with all new membrane filtration installations. In addition, GEA can offer a retrofit solution to existing installations.

Resource-efficient solution

Add Better

At GEA we are continually innovating to improve our customers’ efficiency, reduce their consumption of valuable resources and improve sustainability. Our Smart Filtration CIP is an example of our engineering know-how in practice and carries the new Add Better label. 

Backed by hard data and industry expertise, we can say that our resource-efficient solution for Smart Filtration CIP can reduce energy consumption by up to 46%. 

* The Add Better label relates to the product released in March 2023. The comparison refers to its predecessor model.

Smart Filtration CIP

Smart Filtration CIP is a software-based method of operating the pumps of the filtration plants in a pulsating fashion, during CIP. The conventional way of operating the pumps is to operate them at a fixed level, close to full power, throughout the whole CIP process. This is done to achieve a high shear stress on the internal surface of the equipment. At GEA we have challenged that convention by choosing to operate our pumps in a pulsating fashion. By doing so we have retained the effectiveness of the CIP process while achieving significant power consumption reduction. 

Reduce energy consumption by up to 46%, cooling water demand and carbon footprint

The cleaning chemicals work at the same concentration, time, and temperature as a conventional CIP but with lower electrical power consumption. Cleaning efficiency is not impacted. Smart Filtration CIP reduces energy input by up to 46%. The cooling water demand is also reduced. Together, these lead to a significant reduction in the carbon footprint. This patent-pending solution is a result of GEA process knowledge and digital experience.

Your benefits at glance 
  • Reduces electrical energy consumption by up to 46% during Smart CIP
  • With less energy used in the CIP process, less cooling water is required to maintain a steady temperature. This means your factory's cooling water supply can be reduced, saving installation costs
  • Smart CIP is a standard in all new membrane filtration installations, at no additional cost to you, and is suitable for use in all applications in all industries, such as: dairy, beverage and food (new food)
  • The CIP cycle in a filtration plant can take up to four hours. With intelligent control of the pumps in the filtration plant throughout the CIP cycle, the energy consumption can be optimized without compromising the quality of the CIP.

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