Enhancing premium ham production

GEA MultiCarve

The GEA MultiCarve is an industrial tenderizer equipped with rotating knife rollers, that increase the surface area of meat and poultry ham products. The MultiCarve is used after brine injection and prior to tumbling and cooking/smoking. The innovative system allows each piece of meat to receive the right tenderizing treatment for high quality ham production.

Improve quality and yield in ham production with knife tenderizing

The GEA MultiCarve is a rotating knife tenderizer that cuts the surface of boneless meat using two rotating knife rollers. This action effectively increases the surface area of the product, leading to more effective protein extraction and better binding. Increased surface and protein extraction leads to better brine distribution and retention during the tumbling process. And allows shorter curing times after brine injection. For ultimate performance the system operates in combination with the GEA MultiJector brine injection systems. It can also operate as a stand-alone unit.

Enhancing premium ham production with GEA

Main applications

GEA MultiCarve | Ham tenderizing equipment | Main applications such as poultry and pork ham

The GEA MultiCarve knife tenderizer is ideally suited for cooked ham and cooked/sliced poultry products.

Advanced process control

  • Adjustable height and pressure of rollers to suit different cuts of meat
  • Adjustable speed of top roller to improve carving of the meat surface
  • Narrowed horizontal flow for customized tenderizing action of each piece

Flexibility meets capacity

  • Different type of rollers and combinations of rollers available
  • Available in combination with GEA brine injection system or as stand-alone unit
  • Controlled through GEA injector or independently
  • Seamless integration of upstream and downstream operations like brine preparation, injection, tumbling, cooking, smoking, slicing and packing 

Open design for easy access, cleaning and operation

  • Quick and easy change-over of rollers enables high productivity and fast switch between recipes
  • Purpose-built trolley for roller removal by a single operator and without the need for cranes or hoists
  • Collects and recycles brine throughout the whole process to reduce losses


Advanced technology
Castellated roller for GEA MultiCarve ham tenderizing equipment

Castellated roller

The right tendering treatment for each piece of meat

The horizontal flow from the injector to the tenderizer can be narrowed to ensure that every individual piece of meat is subjected to a customized tenderizing action. To suit different cuts of meat the height and pressure of the rollers can be adjusted easily, without manual intervention. And the speed of the top roller can be adjusted as well to control the intensity of the process. This allows improved carving of the meat surface and more effective tenderizing when using spike rollers.

Technical details
GEA MultiCarve 
Dimension2130x1325x1815 mm
Blade size170mm
Electric power2.3 kW
Max. product height180 mm


Complement your MultiCarve with additional equipment
Injecting with GEA MultiJector

The GEA MultiJector brine injection system offers a modular design, and features OptiFlex needles that will not break or distort. Our needle technology helps to ensure linear needle movement, which means you can be more confident of reliable, vertical brine distribution throughout the full depth of the product, and so more reproducible product quality. The system also features exchangeable manifold needle cassettes for flexibility, quick changeover and easy cleaning, which helps to reduce downtime and improve overall productivity. 

The MultiCarve ideally operates in combination with the GEA MultiJector. The machine can be controlled by the injector or independently. Adjustments made on the MultiJector will automatically be repeated by the MultiCarve when saved in the recipe.

Massaging/ Tumbling with GEA ScanMidi
GEA ScanMidi - massaging & tumbling system for meat & poultry marination

The GEA ScanMidi massaging and tumbling system for meat and seafood combines multiple processes in one machine. Our versatile technology gives you the flexibility to carry out high capacity massaging, tumbling, marinating, ingredient dosing, rinsing, coating and cooling, all in one machine. The drum speed, process time, rotation direction and vacuum are adjustable to provide a very high level of process control, helping you to improve yield, while fine-tuning operation to meet demanding recipe and process requirements.

But our technology and expertise does not stop with the enhancing process. GEA also offers downstream operations, such as in-line cooking and smoking, freezing, slicing and packing. All are matched and seamlessly integrated to create the ultimate ham production line. 

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