Herringbone Parlor EuroClass 1200 / 1200 RE

The EuroClass 1200/1200RE herringbone milking parlor combines cow comfort, efficient time management, high throughput, safety and durability into a single product.

The EuroClass 1200/1200RE herringbone milking parlor accelerates the milking process while still being gentle on your animals. With this system, GEA combines the two most important aspects of milking: an animal-friendly approach that ensures long-term, high-quality milk, and fast throughput to increase yields. The key features of the EuroClass 1200/1200-RE are the clear view you have over the entire system and the simplified gangways that lead the cows to the milking parlor. With this product, GEA is setting the standards for herringbone milking parlors.

An overview of the EuroClass 1200/1200RE herringbone milking parlor

  • Optimized access to the cow and a clear view of the system simplify the work of the milker.
  • The animals are ideally positioned with an index bracket on the front gate
  • The milking stalls are large enough for the cows to be very comfortable.
  • Its regulated entrance system and innovative Rapid-Exit increase throughput by up to 15 %.
  • Compatible with electronic milking control systems from GEA and can be expanded modularly
  • Available in various sizes: from 1x3 to 2x24 milking stalls for the EuroClass 1200 and from 2x8 to 2x20 milking stalls for the 1200RE model

The EuroClass 1200/1200RE herringbone milking parlor gives you a clear view of the system and easy access to the cow

The intelligent design of the EuroClass 1200/1200RE herringbone milking parlor dramatically increases the efficiency of your working processes. This starts when the cows enter the milking parlor:

  • The gangways are especially wide and fitted sparingly with poles.
  • This means that the cows can get to their milking stalls quickly, safely and stress-free.
  • Once they arrive, both the milker and the cow benefit from the stall's generous dimensions: Each animal has 120 cm of space, so they can be milked happily and calmly.
  • The animals are positioned at 30° to each other and the open design of the milking stalls means that they are always easy to reach and see - giving you optimized control and a clear view during milking.

Electronic milk management for optimized control

With GEA, you benefit from our Total Solutions strategy: We provide innovative, modular solutions. You can adjust the EuroClass 1200/1200RE herringbone milking parlor to meet the individual requirements of your dairy. For even greater efficiency during milking, we recommend electronic milking control devices such as the MetaTron P/S 21, which can be positioned directly on the milking stalls in the EuroClass 1200/1200RE herringbone milking parlor. This gives you optimum control in the milking parlor and accelerates your reaction times. You can milk even large herds quickly with just a single employee, who has all the data they need at their fingertips.

The EuroClass 1200RE with Rapid-Exit decreases rotation times by 50 %

GEA is dedicated to continuously developing improved solutions for even greater throughput increases. One result of these efforts is the EuroClass 1200RE herringbone milking parlor with front exit. The system is called Rapid-Exit and it enables you to milk your animals quickly and gently, even with large herds. The animals leave the milking parlor forwards along a wide gangway once the milking parlor frame has lifted automatically. You can control the opening of the gate conveniently from your workspace with the DPNet gate control system. This decreases rotation times by up to 50 %, which in turn can increase throughput by up to 15 %, while taking up almost the same amount of space.

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