Tunnel Freezers GEA S-series

Hygiene, gentle handling, high efficiency

Our GEA S-series IQF tunnel freezers and chillers integrate into any pre-cooling, retrograding, freezing, chilling, finish-freezing or after-glaze hardening processing line. They flexibly handle any application, specifically configured to prevent products from breaking when frozen, cracking from over-freezing and damage if abused when frozen.

The S-series flexibly handles any application, specifically configured for a wide range of products:

  • Hollow and soft when ripe, broken when frozen
  • Cracked when over-frozen
  • Damaged if abused when frozen

The S-series integrates the desired solution into any processing line:

  • Pre-cooling
  • Retrograding
  • Freezing
  • Chilling
  • Finish-freezing
  • After-glaze hardening