Vacuum Samplers Vacuum Powder Sampler

GEA manufactures a range of sampling systems to suit sanitary applications, we use dynamic sampling. Superior methods of powder sampling are obtained by using procedures where the sample is removed from a moving powder bulk.

Knowledge of the particle size distribution (PSD) of powder systems is a prerequisite for most manufacturing operations, including those associated with the production of dairy, food and nutraceutical products. If the PSD is not controlled in a process, high rejection rates can result and significant production losses can be incurred.

Vacuum Sampling

Particle size analytical results are most applicable when samples drawn are representative and the appropriate dispersion techniques are used. The majority of variation in particle sizing measurements is traceable to either incorrect sampling or sample preparation.

When measuring the PSD of a powdered solid, the results will have little value unless the analytical sample is representative of the bulk from which it was taken. The magnitude of this problem may be realized by considering that the characteristics of many kilograms of material are assumed on the basis of analyzes carried out on gram or even milligram sample quantities.

The vacuum sampling system has been developed to provide a flexible method of taking powder samples from powder storage & handling systems. The system is complete with a sampling point which is located in the powder storage hopper or other powder handling vessel. The sampling station can be remotely located to suit the plant operation. This station can even be located on a different floor if this is required.



  • Fully Integrated system with PLC control and operator interface 
  • Stand-alone system for integration by others
  • Taking samples from hoppers or silos 
  • Ideal for powder sampling above powder filling systems


  • Cabinet mounted system 
  • Vacuum system can be supplied 
  • Simple push-button operation 
  • HMI touch-panel operation.


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