Tunnel Freezers GEA A-series

Our GEA A-series IQF tunnels can handle up to 30 tons per hour capacity

GEA A-series IQF tunnels are specially designed for fried potato products freezing: french fries, potato wedges, diced potato, dollar chips.

Large capacities

  • Up to 30 tons per hour freezing capacity

Multiple temperature zones

  • Pre-cooling
  • Refrigerating
  • Freezing

Hygienically engineered design

  • Fully welded stainless steel floor, enclosure and structure
  • Ample access to all components

Energy saving solutions

  • Precool section using thermosyphon ammonia. No refrigerating compressors required.
  • Precool section using plant water heated from +15°C to +22°C. Energy saving in the factory hot water system.
  • Freezing section using ammonia at -32°c. More than 20% energy saving in comparison with -40°C evaporating temperature.