Clean oil, dry solids

Frying oil filtration

Good filtration is essential to prolong the lifespan of your frying oil, promote high product quality and minimize waste. GEA Oberlin Filter range offers an advanced, high performance solution that suits perfectly the GEA fryer range and is available in three different capacities.

Frying oil is one of the most important food processing ingredients on your production line. It’s also one of the most expensive. Your deep-fried products need to be crisp, crunchy and golden-colored. With proper oil filtration manufacturers can extend the longevity of their frying oil and improve product quality. 

Longer life for your frying oil

Efficient oil management has two key benefits for manufacturers: it keeps oil consumption to a minimum to minimize costs and keeps the final product looking and tasting the way it should.  Managed badly, tired cooking oil can seriously affect product quality and appearance. 

Our GEA EasyFry and GEA EasyFry XL are designed for high capacity and reliability. We also focus on low oil consumption to help reduce your operational costs. By reducing the loss or wastage of oil, you can make a significant difference to your profitability. 

Clean oil – Dry solids – Healthier frying

The GEA Oberlin Oil Filter range includes mid to high-capacity external filters for fryers, such as GEA EasyFry and GEA EasyFry XL. Through filtering, you can extend the life of your oil and reduce sediment to a dry waste material. It also allows you to switch over to more healthy, less stable oils.

The Oil Filter range is cost-effective and environmentally responsible. It delivers exceptionally high performance, removing sinking and suspended floating sediment before it starts to affect the oil. This improves and stabilizes product quality and flavor. It extends oil life by 3 to 5 times. The resulting sediment comes out as a dry cake containing little or no oil.

Main applications

Frying oil filtration with GEA Oberlin | Fried products

GEA Oberlin Frying Oil Filters are validated with GEA Fryers and GEA Frying Oil Management Systems and are suitable for processing tempura-coated and breaded products, such as chicken nuggets, meatless snacks or fish fingers, and non-coated fried pork and vegetarian fried products.

Improve frying oil lifetime

  • Extends oil lifetime and simplifies operation
  • Ensures the right color and flavor 
  • Reduces degradation of oil and product quality over time
  • Maximizes oil usage and balanced quality and minimum waste
  • Safe & flexible operation 

Remove sediment before it affects the oil

  • Filters sinking, suspended and floating sediment 
  • No need to let sediment to burn and sink before it’s removed 
  • Slows down oil breakdown and extends oil life
  • Removes particles down to one micron allowing you to switch to more healthy, less stable oils

Driest possible cake 

  • Produces dry cake with little or no oil (compared with sediment from belt or screen filters that can contain between 35 to 50% oil
  • Potential oil savings between 30 and 40%
  • Environmentally friendly with easy disposal 


Advanced technology
Automatic frying oil filtration down to 1um
Frying oil filtration with GEA Oberlin | Dry sediment cake

The GEA Oberlin filter range offers state-of-the-art frying oil filtration of sediments and particles of down to 1um. During the operation of the fryer, the polluted frying oil is pumped under pressure through a disposable filter material, producing a dry ‘cake‘. As the cake density increases the filter performance also increases. When the layer of sediment becomes too thick, the filter dries the sediment automatically, to reduce oil waste. The filter chamber is opened to remove the sediment from the filter and the filter material replaced. When the filter chamber closes, and the next filter cycle starts automatically. 

Technical details

The completely automatic GEA Oberlin Oil Filter is offered in multiple sizes and system configurations to suit your GEA Fryer.

GEA Oberlin OCL7GEA Oberlin OCL2*GEA Oberlin OPF4
Equipment dim. H x W x D2540x1660x2200 mm1700x1270x1850 mm2430x1660x2580 mm
Filter capacity11 m3/hr3 m3/hr8 m3/hr
Matches fryer2000-4000 lup to 1450 l1300-2200 l
Filter media 1.0 OSY32" wide20" wide26" wide

*Available September 2021

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