Raising the bar in drum forming

GEA MaxiFormer

GEA MaxiFormer, with patented forming technology, is our most efficient forming solution for high-quality formed poultry, pork and meat replacement products, providing the highest output.

GEA MaxiFormer drum forming solution

More than just technology

The new GEA MaxiFormer has been designed by GEA to address many of the issues traditionally associated with drum forming. By fully understanding the whole process, including the critical grinding and chilling operations, GEA made important changes to the technology, which have a big effect on the final product.

Main applications

Main applications GEA MaxiFormer

GEA MaxiFormer is suitable for 600mm and 1000mm wide lines. Main product applications include chicken nuggets, 3D chicken filets, chicken filets, pork cutlets and meat replacement products.

Reliability you can count on

  • GEA’s experience and expertise across the whole production process come together to provide seamless systems integration with upstream and downstream processes
  • The most advanced control system allows simple, touch-screen control of the entire system
  • Fast throughput with high quality and the minimum of downtime

Maximum filling and portion control with optimal belt usage

  • Less give away through higher weight accuracy with the unique patented forming technology “step-filling”
  • High-speed production of consistently high-quality products of any shape, with minimum damage to the structure of the meat
  • Absolute repeatability puts portion control firmly in the hands of the operator with minimum wastage
  • Optimal belt loading saves space and provides the maximum possible throughput without any risk of doubles

Minimum total cost of ownership on a small footprint

  • Timed air pressure to release products what reduces operational costs due to less air usage
  • Less maintenance time and cost, due to unique drum support and rigid drum design
  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning

Advanced technology

Patented step filling technology

The MaxiFormer uses specially designed and patented software to communicate between the Handtmann VF range vacuum filler and the drum former. This step-filling process fills each cavity progressively and carefully, without damaging the structure of the meat or wearing the cavity. The result is better structure retention and less product wastage. 

Worlds first 1000mm wide drum with air knock-out

GEA Forming

The GEA MaxiFormer is available in 600mm and 1000mm-wide versions. For customers needing the maximum throughput, the 1000mm wide option provides the ultimate in cost-efficient space utilization and belt loading. The unique GEA knock-out system ejects the formed products using dry air at high pressure to each row of cavities, not the whole drum. This system uses 40% less air and reduces energy costs.

Technical details

Product specifications GEA MaxiFormer 600 GEA MaxiFormer 1000
Dimension L x W x H 2256x1856x2022 mm 1856x1856x2022 mm
Belt width 600 mm 1000 mm
Max. capacity 220 strokes/minute 220 strokes/minute
Speed 3 to 22 meter/minute 3 to 22 meter/minute
Min. product height 4 mm 4 mm
Max. product height 18 mm 18 mm

Accessories for GEA MaxiFormer

In addition to the MaxiFormer, the complete system includes a Handtmann vane pump, a GEA MaxiDrum, GEA MaxiStorage and GEA MaxiClean.

GEA MaxiDrum

GEA MaxiFormer drum

The MaxiFormer has a unique spoke drum design with a more rigid structure that prevents the drum from flexing and ensures consistent filling pressure across the entire width of the drum. This allows more accurate filling, achieving a standard weight deviation at least twice as accurate as ordinary systems for 2D and 3D formed products and minimizing product giveaway. To suit specific needs, additional drums with customized 3D or 2D cavities are possible to order.

GEA MaxiClean

GEA MaxiClean

GEA MaxiClean is a new technology from GEA that provides high-speed drum cleaning to minimize downtime, maximize productivity and allow fast product changeover. Unlike ordinary drum cleaners, the MaxiClean automatically monitors the temperature, flow and pressure of the fluid during cleaning, comparing it with that data from a clean drum. In this way, you will know exactly when the drum is clean and ready for service.

GEA MaxiCarriage and MaxiStorage

GEA MaxiCarriage and MaxiStorage

The complete GEA MaxiFormer package includes GEA MaxiCarriage and GEA MaxiStorage. The GEA MaxiCarriage enables the used drum to be simply and safely moved from the MaxiFormer to the MaxiClean for fast, efficient cleaning and secure storage. The GEA MaxiStorage can store 4 drums.

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