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Know-how to cook a product and understanding the principles of cooking is the basis for the art of cooking. Food processors want to serve the food chain with attractive, healthy and innovative food. Using the GEA ovens, processors are capable of tuning the products to their demands and innovation to anticipate future trends.

Pushing the art of industrial cooking

GEA launched its new CookStar 1000 spiral oven for the production of crispy-coated, roasted and smoked products. This third-generation is based on the same trusted technology that has led the market for nearly 30 years. But now with more power, precision and performance than ever before. What does this mean to you? Higher capacity, better yield, improved product quality and consistency, increased flexibility, greater efficiency and, ultimately, the lowest total cost of ownership. The best really did just get better.

Three-phase cooking concept

The concept of three-phase cooking in a double spiral oven design is the core of the GEA Spiral oven family and sets them apart in the market of cooking. Condensation – evaporative cooling and drying/ evaporation are cooking phases that are the basic fundament of cooking. Our GEA CookStar and CookStar Turbo are designed to accommodate these phases and make the optimum cook possible.

The innovative way of in-line smoking

GEA CookStar in-line smoking solutions combine double spiral oven technology with the atomization of condensed natural smoke, to produce attractive fully cooked and smoked products. You can add value to your food products with a wide variety of smoke flavors, adjusted to your needs with GEA SuperHeatSmoke & HotSmoke.

Dual-zone linear cooking

With the GEA linear ovens, you can produce steamed, cooked and roasted products with a high yield and attractive appearance. For smaller capacities, the GEA FlowCook provides an excellent choice of cooking. Uniformity, versatility simplicity and reliability come together while cooking with this dual-zone linear oven.

Technology Center Bakel

Test before you invest!

Want to validate, experiment and innovate, without the risk of disturbing your day-to-day production? Our Food Solutions Technology Center in Bakel, the Netherlands, is the place to go. What’s more – our doors are always open, even remotely!

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GEA CookStar 1000 Gen 3

Better cooking for better business

Cooking is an art. One that requires experience and expertise. But even though you have all the know-how, your tools play a large role in becoming first or second. Therefore, our experts gave their everything to make our flagship even better. So you can make your best work even better.

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