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CALLIFREEZE® control system

CALLIFREEZE® is a unique new freezer control system that has been developed by GEA for use with the GEA range of freezers for the food industry. The new system can be configured for freezers handling a wide range of food products, including meat, poultry and fish, ready meals, bakery and dairy products.

CALLIFREEZE® control system

CALLIFREEZE® monitors the condition of products exiting the freezer, and then automatically calibrates the freezer parameters to ensure that every product is frozen according to optimum requirements. The control system achieves this by continuously monitoring the level of crystallized water in the food products, and automatically adjusting product retention time in the freezer, air temperature and fan speed to achieve the precise level of freezing required, with minimum energy consumption.

callifreeze sensor

Continuing to cool a product once it has already reached the required degree of freezing is not only unnecessary, but it is also a waste of energy. Some products need to be 100% frozen, while for other applications an 80% level of frozenness at freezer discharge is acceptable, with product ‘finish off’ occurring in the cold store, to maximize energy savings. However, until now there has been no way of checking the level of frozenness of products as a continuous part of the cooling process. CALLIFREEZE® uses GEA’s unique sensing technology to measure the level of frozenness inline, at the freezer exit, without direct contact with the food product. The system then automatically adjusts the freezer parameters to maintain perfect freezing conditions according to customer and product requirements.

Enhanced product quality

CALLIFREEZE® helps food processors to produce the finest quality frozen food. The ability to continuously monitor product frozenness and automatically adjust freezer conditions ensures that products exit the freezer in optimum condition, so customers can be confident of the highest quality output, whether freezing meat cuts or the most delicate baked goods.

Higher production capacity and energy efficiency

CALLIFREEZE® has been proven to reduce power consumption and improve freezer efficiency. Tests running CALLIFREEZE® with GEA freezers have resulted in a considerable increase in production capacity - by up to 20%, whilst also achieving a  reduction in energy consumption of 10%.

Automated freezing process and refrigeration supply optimization

By optimizing freezing parameters and product quality CALLIFREEZE® adds value to customers’ cooling processes and related operational costs. Maximum benefits are achieved when the system is combined with GEA energy saving and heat pump solutions. 

CALLIFREEZE®  can be specified as an option for GEA S-Tec and A-Tec spiral freezers or may be installed to your existing spiral freezers, including freezers from GEA and OEM systems.

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