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Shock freezing for sensitive fruit

Fragrant breakfast rolls, cakes, or cream cakes – consumers are keen to reach for deep-frozen bakery goods. The reason: quick accessibility and ease in preparation. Since these products contain small amounts of frozen water, they thaw quickly and allow the consumer to shine even when guests arrive unexpectedly. In addition, raw dough for individual further preparation is well accepted, even by gourmets: flaky pastry, for example. For good quality here, high-performance freezers are necessary. They quickly freeze not only the surface of the product, but also its core – which assures a fine crystal structure that allows baked goods to thaw in perfect form.

Cost-effective shock freezing, without cryogenic freezing


In the production of cakes and tortes, fruit such as berries often plays a key role. For them to really enhance the taste of baked goods, they must be ripe and aromatic – but chewy and attractive at the same time. Advanced freezer technology preserves sweet fruits in a perfect stage of edibility.

In the engineering design of freezer plants by GEA, culinary delight is naturally not the only key factor: we of course strictly observe all the pertinent standards involving food hygiene. In addition, our freezers guarantee IQF quality (IQF = individually quick frozen), with the result that your bakery staff can count on first- class bulk food products.

This solution developed by us offers enormous energy savings over conventional cryogenic systems. Sensitive products such as raspberries are pre-frozen in an impingement freezer and then finally frozen throughout in the downstream tunnel freezer. Then graduated shock freezing takes place under high pressure with air nozzles located above and below, to ensure high degrees of heat exchange. The conveyor belt does not move during these steps. This procedure produces only very small ice crystals. As a result, the cell structure of the fruit remains extensively undamaged during thawing, so that the fruit – despite delicate structure and high water content – do not lose their form and can serve, for example, as the crowning optical delight on a cream torte. 


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