GEA TiroLabel PLUS

High-speed cross-web labeling aligned with packaging systems

Fast and flexible labelling of MAP, vacuum and skin packs

Powerful thermoforming packaging machines, such asGEAPowerPak andPowerPakPLUS are designed to produce high-quality food packages at great speed. A labeling machine must match this pace and the variations of packs processed. The extremely user-friendly GEATiroLabelPLUS cross-web labeling system,which can be integrated into non-GEAthermoformers, simplifies any changeover from one package to the next. The highly accurate spring-loaded pins in the motor positioning unit follow any contour on the packages with millimeter precision. 

Main applications

GEATiroLabelPLUScross-weblabeling machines automatically label MAP,vacuumand skin food packsfrom thermoforming packaging machines.The labels can be applied onthetop and/or bottomofthepackages. 

Key benefits

GEA TiroLabel PLUS with spring-loaded pins

High throughput and superior precision 

  • Extremely high operating speed due to motor-driven application system
  • Spring-loaded pins for optimal handling of all sophisticated package surfaces; able to compensate for up to 35 mm height differences 
  • Higher precision and minimal compressed air consumption thanks to non-pneumatic technology 
  • Perfect implementation of all common printer technologies 

Reliable, correct label production 

  • Integrated scanner detects empty packages and retains respective labels 
  • Recognition of packaged goods and country of destination 
  • Zero downtime options (service, maintenance or change of consumable materials) available 

Easy handling 

  • Lower overall machine height for a quicker label roll exchange 
  • Improved access to the label dispensing edge 
  • Full integration with GEA SmartControl 
  • Seamless integration into GEA and non-GEA thermoforming packaging systems


The basic set-up of a GEA TiroLabel PLUS label applicator
GEA TiroLabel PLUS

  1. Shaft for label roll with protective panes 
  2. Guide rollers to printing unit 
  3. Printing unit 
  4. Application unit with spring-loaded pins 
  5. Control unit with 10” touch panel on supporting arm

Technical data
Available for label width130mm and 200mm
Max. Speed50 strokes per minute


You are looking for a labeling machine for a specific, unconventional application? 

Contact us, we will modify the highly adaptive GEA TiroLabel PLUS to meet your demands.


Printing systems matching to GEA TiroLabel PLUS
GEA TiroLabel PLUS
  • Programmable thermal transfer and LPM printers with or without ethernet interface 
  • InkJet printers with integrated stepper motors 
  • Cartridge printers 
  • Flexographic printers (single or two-colored) 
  • Hot Foil printer (for labels and/or top film)

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