GEA CombiPick

Maximum control with combined lane converger and package rejector

Flexible system for multi-lane converging and package rejection

Invest in efficiency with the GEA CombiPick lane converger and package rejector installed directly after a thermoforming packaging machine. Good, empty and defective packages are automatically sorted. This saves time, space and money. Only good packs are merged to a single or dual lane and transported to subsequent machinery. Faulty and empty packages can be previously detected by quality inspection systems such as GEA OxyCheck and LeakCheck. They are reliably sorted by GEA CombiPick into a separate bin, while the remaining packages are collected and evenly lined up. This ensures an effective packaging process.

Main Applications

As an end-of-line module for form-fill-seal systems with installed inspection systems, the GEA CombiPick rejection and converging module disposes of empty and defective food packages. At the same time, it merges up to 6 tracks of intact MAP, vacuum or skin packs coming from the outfeed of a thermoforming packaging machine into a single or dual lane.

Key benefits

CombiPick Rejecting process

Efficient combination of rejection and converging processes 

  • Picks up only good packages and separates them from the ones not meeting specifications
  • Conveys intact packs by means of motorized converging rails
  • Reliably rejects empty and defective packages
  • Automatic spacing between packages due to full synchronization with thermoforming packaging machines 

Saves time and space

  • Multi-track solution with speed up to 120 packages per minute
  • Converges from up to six tracks to one or two
  • Compact design for space-efficient packaging lines
  • Quick and easy exchangeable components 

User-friendly system

  • Easy adjustment of the conveyor system’s height to perfectly match the outfeed of the thermoformer
  • Fully integration into all GEA thermoforming packaging machines
  • Connectivity to automation and quality systems such as GEA OxyCheck and LeakCheck


More details to GEA CombiPick
Technical Data
GEA CombiPick
Dimensions (length x width)750 mm x 581 mm
Height adjustability± 50 mm
Power supply230 V AC 50/60 Hz at 16 A
Air supply4 bar clean dry air, supplied at 1 liter/minute
IP ratingIP65 (wipe down)
MaterialStainless steel
Max. pack height100 mm
Package weight60 g - 500 g
Max. weight whole format5 kg
Max. thermoforming film width581 mm
Max. tracks6
Max. rows6
Max. process rate120 packs/minute


Options to GEA CombiPick single pack, pick-and-place and converger system
GEA CombiPick on thermoforming packaging line

GEA CombiPick has an easy-to-use interface and software system that communicates with thermoforming packaging machines such as GEA PowerPak and PowerPak PLUS, quality control systems and Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMIs).

GEA OxyCheck

GEA OxyCheck is an i n-line quality control system that checks the residual oxygen content of every single Modified Atmosphere Pack (MAP) that leaves GEA PowerPak and PowerPak PLUS thermoformers.

GEA LeakCheck

GEA LeakCheck identifies leaks in a package after the form-fill-seal process thereby ensuring the shelf-life of the product.  

GEA EasyCheck

GEAvEasyCheck a combination of a check weigher, metal detector and rejection unit.    

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