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The GEA range of palletizers and depalletizers covers all beverage, food and home & care applications, all container and secondary packaging configuration and every type of pallet management.

Palletizers and depalletizers offered by GEA represent the latest in ‘legacy free’ product design with modern components and kinematics. They are constructed from standard units used on all product lines and share a common hardware/software platform.

The modular construction allows the flexibility to configure equipment specifically to meet customers’ needs. The key movements are performed using inverters, can be customized, controlled by encoders and each format stored in the memory of the control

PLC. In this way it is possible to finely adapt the machine to any product.

All GEA machines are wired with a high-speed data network that significantly reduces the number of cables and divides them into separate sub-areas for easy troubleshooting. Encoders and inverters are automatically re-programmed upon substitution (Plug & Play). Photo-electrical barriers allow easy and safe access for operators.

Control panels are clear and simple to use and provide a graphic interface that allows operators to check the list of alarms and data for the machine and the complete line. Efficiency and tailor-made design are the key feature of the entire range of products.

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