Filling Lines - Aseptic

GEA offers a variety of sterilization technologies for any PET preform, PET/HDPE bottle and/or closure, and a wide range of volumetric electronic fillers that meet stringent hygiene requirements.

The filling of sensitive beverages demands high levels of hygiene and safety. GEA’s blow and fill technologies ensure optimal container sterility and that the filling and capping process prevents microbiological contamination, keeping beverages safe and stable.

The sterilization process can be done with hydrogen peroxide vapor to treat HDPE/PET bottles (GEA Whitebloc Filling System Aseptic), PET preforms (GEA Aseptic Blow Fill System and GEA Decontamination Blow Fill System HA) and plastic caps (Sterilcap VHP) or with a peracetic acid-based solution for HDPE/PET containers (ECOSpin2 and Modulbloc) and plastic caps (Sterilcap IM and Sterilcap L). A microbiological isolator protects the working environment by preventing external contamination; as such, the sterile bottles are filled and capped without leaving the sterile zone.

The filling process is appropriate for any kind of sensitive drink, including high and low acid varieties, those with and without pulp, fibers or pieces, and both still and carbonated beverages. GEA aseptic fillers meet critical environmental control requirements and achieve high levels of performance in terms of filling speed, accuracy and flexibility. 

The complete bottle ’neck handling’ system enables very quick changeovers for any container with the same neck design. The internal cleaning (CIP) and sterilization (SIP) cycles are performed with a completely automatic cup insertion and extraction for closed-loop and optimized process.

In addition, GEA supplies fully aseptic, standalone units for filling and emptying industrial bulk containers.


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