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Across a wide variety of industries, there is a demand for a uniform powder of fine particles. The NOZZLE TOWER™ Spray Dryer is the ideal solution in the production of such products. Available in different designs, it is applied in a wide range of industries. .

Spray dryer NOZZLE TOWER 1200x675w

The NOZZLE TOWER™ Spray Dryer is designed specifically for production of free-flowing powders made up of single, individual, round, and soluble particles. To meet the various requirements of different industries, it is available in several designs. Its qualities have achieved worldwide renown among producers in the food and chemical industries.

The drying process

Spray Dryer NOZZLE TOWER flow 1200x675

Drying air is introduced at the top of the drying chamber through an air disperser designed to obtain a controlled low velocity airstream downwards in the drying chamber. The product, is atomized by a set of nozzles placed just below the air disperser. This ensures a gentle drying of the particles as they pass through the drying chamber. The design ensures a long residence time in the chamber.

The drying air is exhausted from the drying chamber through the "bustle", formed by an enlarged conical section. The smallest entrained particles are separated in the SANICIP™ Bag Filter, from where they can be returned to the nozzles for agglomeration or discharged directly into a pneumatic cooling and conveying system. The main fraction can be pre-cooled by introducing cooling air into the lower part of the chamber cone prior to product discharge into the conveying system for bagging-off.

The NOZZLE TOWER™ is also available in a counter-current version with fountain nozzles for heavy feed stocks typically pertaining to the chemical industry.

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