Dough feeding systems

Dough feeding represents a key stage in processing biscuits, cookies and crackers

Even, uniform feeding and gentle dough handling help to ensure consistent product forming and optimize quality all along the production line.

GEA offers a wide range of dough feeding systems that can be configured to handle different textures and viscosities of dough, and which will fit the available space and plant layout. Our engineers can also provide tailor-made solutions to meet specific requirements. 

GEA dough feeding technologies can be designed to include ground-level tub-lifting and tilting systems. We can provide units that comprise an overhead hopper and pneumatic guillotine, which are ideally suited to feeding hard sweet biscuits or cracker dough, as well as soft doughs. We can also configure systems with pocket rollers that directly portion the dough. This removes the need for a separate conveyor and rotary cutter. For plants with a specific layout or reduced space, GEA experts can tailor compact systems. Options include metal detectors on exit conveyors, as well as a dough crumbling technology to break up lumps of dough. All GEA systems are designed to comply with the most stringent safety and hygiene requirements.