Distillation & Fermentation Systems

GEA is your single-source supplier of complete systems, lines and plants for a variety of industries, from food to pharmaceutical, from brewing to biotechnology. Our experienced process engineers have the expertise and know-how to develop innovative and efficient process plants for your individual distillation and fermentation applications.

Pharmaceutical Fermentation

Depending on the application, the term fermentation can have a number of meanings. In a physiological sense, fermentation refers to a process that produces energy by breaking down energy rich compounds under anaerobic conditions. In a biotechnological context, however, this term is used in a much broader sense; thus, fermentation describes a process in which micro-organisms that are cultured on a large-scale under aerobic or anaerobic conditions convert a substrate into a useful product.

Fermentation Systems

GEA is your competent partner for the manufacture of individual or multi-stage fermentation systems for the cultivation of micro-organisms and human/animal cells and complete plants for the pharmaceutical industry. Whatever it is you want from your fermentation plant — to manufacture recombinant genetic products for therapeutic purposes (TPA, interferon, insulin, h-Factor VII) or growth hormones and enzymes, or for diagnostic purposes (monoclonal antibodies) — our wide range of plant concepts will provide the equipment you need to meet any requirements or conditions. We use the latest components and valve technologies to produce high-performance fermenters and skids.

Fermenters / Bioreactors from GEA provide

  • long-term sterility during medium or nutrient change, aseptic sampling, aeration, venting or transfer
  • highly accurate temperature control
  • stirrers adapted to provide optimum oxygen transfer rates and cell densities
  • a design free of dead-leg areas.

In addition, we also supply apparatus and modules for the production and storage of media, product harvesting, the storage and distribution of highly purified media/clean steam and the formulation of APIs. Offering a complete service to meet your every requirement and specification, our experienced process engineers will work with you to develop innovative and efficient process technologies for your specific fermentation applications.


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