Fermentation systems for high yields and pureness

Fermentation Process

Fermentation systems for high yields and pureness


GEA´s focus for the raw material feedstock , pretreatment and the fermentation applications is on:

  • Innovative designs for the mashing 
  • Minimized costs for process enzymes and additives
  • Unique/ pioneering concepts for the reuse of process energy 
  • Significant reduction of operational costs through separate yeast propagation
  • High vitality of yeasts leading to excellent conversion rates
  • Uniform temperature distribution  through optimized  mixing technologies, constructive design and process procedures
  • Economic recovery of residual ethanol out of exhaust gases 
  • Creation of high quality CO2 from the exhaust treatment  as value added product

The expertise  of our engineers guarantees the highest process reliability .  Perfectly adapted sanitary designs and equipment avoiding dead spots and enabling a good cleanability and drainability are self-evident.

The high degree of  transparency of the  process is achieved through exact capture and validation of input, conversion and output data through our experienced process control design.

In summary the expertise and the innovative concepts are making GEA a pioneer in modern fermentation technologies.

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