Distillation Technology

MVR / TVR heated Distillation Plants

Thermal vapor Recompression and Mechanical vapor Recompression Solutions for the Economization of Distillation and Evaporation Processes.

The enthalpy of condensation of these vapor streams, which have been increased (compressed) in pressure, is subsequently used for heating of evaporation processes. These processes then take place at a lower temperature level. Thereby the steam consumption is minimized.

A certain quantity of live steam, the so-called motive steam , is required for the operation of a thermal vapor recompressor. A big advantage of the thermal vapor recompressor is its simplicity: no turning parts , no maintenance, convenience to implement.

Our TVR technology renders the operation of new designed and existing distillation plants much more economic.

Our MVR solutions entail higher invest costs  compared to the TVR, but permit even higher savings of energy costs. Particularly for new designed plants the cost–benefit–ratio can be excellent. Other advantages are the gentle evaporation of the product due to low temperature differences.

For each particular case, the decision on whether a vapor recompression system should be installed must be made on the basis of an efficiency study.

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