Cross Gutter Cleaner with Chain

System designed for cross gutter that does not exceed 335' (102 m) long. Best suited for straw bedding or free stall manure containing a large amount of bedding. Strong and reliable equipment requiring low maintenance.

The cross gutter cleaner with chain is a system running in close circuit that convey manure and bedding from a cross gutter, in a free stall barn, to a hydraulic piston pump or a reception pit. To do so, a drive unit, installed at one end on concrete between gutters, drives the chain and the paddles to collect manure in the loaded gutter until it drops in a hydraulic piston pump or reception pit. Then the paddles, which are free of manure, run back in the return gutter.

H-86 HD and H-95 Extra HD Drive Units

Cross Gutter Cleaner with Chain

  • The H-86 HD drives up to 500' (152 m) of chain.
  • The H-95 Extra HD drives up to 700' (213 m) of chain.
  • 3 choices of chain: 7/8" (22mm), pintle or hook & eye chain.
  • Strong, efficient and reliable system requiring low maintenance.
  • Insulated motor base to protect against stray voltage.
  • 2½" (6.4 cm) main drive shaft mounted on greasable nylon bushings.
  • Drive shaft made of high precision steel and mounted on greasable ball bearings.
  • Heavy-duty #60 and #80 roller chains.
  • Double belt clutch pulley.
  • Automatic releasing clutch in case of overload.

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