Separators for Marine

The centrifugal separators from GEA specialize in the purification of fuel and lube oil as well as bilge water treatment and sludge removal in marine applications. With their high g-force, the separators reliably guarantee high performance and economic operation of ship engines, and boost their service life even under extreme conditions.

GEA Marine Product Design

New GEA marine Separator

GEA Marine Separator

Incorporating an integrated direct drive, the new GEA marine Separator is a revolutionary solution that offers more performance per square meter of footprint, an extremely simple service concept and smart connectivity. 

Unlike conventional separators that rely on inefficient conventional motors, clutches and belts, new GEA marine Separator features an integrated direct drive. This provides ship owners with numerous advantages.

GEA E-type Separator

Centrifuge - Separator OSE / WSE

The proven technology and robust construction make GEA OSE Separators particularly reliable and durable. The IMO-certified E-type separators, which are designed for unmonitored continuous operation fulfil all the regulations of the classification societies.

Answers to every challenge:

  • OSE separator for fuel and lube oil treatment 
  • CatFineMaster for efficient cat fines removal
  • SludgeMaster for sludge removal
  • BilgeMaster for bilge water and oily water treatment
  • ScrubberMaster for exhaust gas cleaning

Key benefits:

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  • High separating efficiency
  • Continuous unmanned operation
  • Significantly reduced disposal costs
  • Self-thinking system - ideal also for the unmanned engine room
  • Throughput capacities up to 80 m3/h 
  • Maximum operating reliability
  • unitrolplus: flexible adjustment relating to difficult  and changing conditions of the in feed
  • hydrostop: nearly oil free discharge (no product loss)
  • Hot separation: maximum separation efficiency
  • CFR (certified flow rate): optimized separator size comparison based on profound regulations 
  • Variable flow: maximum separation efficiency and energy saving
  • Intelligent IO control unit: one touch operation avoids operating mistakes and providing efficiency programs

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