Liquid Mixers

Liquid jet mixer

Liquid jet mixers type fm1 are based on proven jet pump technology and often used to mix and circulate liquids.

Our jet systems are reliable and require low maintenance.


Liquid jet mixers are jet pumps to mix and circulate liquids. The range of applications for liquid jet mixers is only limited by the viscosity of the liquid to be mixed. As a rule, jet mixers can be used in all cases where the liquid to be mixed can still be supplied by a centrifugal pump.

Liquid jet mixers are mainly used in vessels, storage tanks and neutralization basins.

Mode of operation

The liquid jet coming out of the motive nozzle generates a partial vacuum in the inlet cone of the diffuser, and therefore, a liquid flow is extracted from the tank and is entrained. The motive jet mixes with the entrained liquid and accelerates its flow. The liquid mixture emerging from the jet mixer spreads out in conical form and entrains more liquid from its surroundings.

If one or several such jet mixers are correctly arranged, a three-dimensional flow is produced in the tank which mixes all of the contents homogeneously.

For the evaluation of the number of mixers, following criteria are decisive:

  • Geometry and size of the tank or basin
  • Liquid to be mixed
  • Mixing time
  • Maximal and minimal liquid level


  • No moving parts
  • Maintenance-free
  • Can be installed in virtually all situations
  • Quickly and easily put into operation
  • Almost unlimited life, when a suitable material of construction is chosen
  • Can be manufactured from various materials of construction
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Simple and reliable 
  • Hardly subject to any wear

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