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Sheeting lines

Production of high quality hard sweet biscuits and crackers relies on precise sheeting technology

Sheeting line

GEA offers flexible sheeting solutions that can handle different viscosities and textures of dough, and guarantee stress free sheeting and optimum dough thickness.

GEA offers modular forming units that can be tailored to meet any processing or production requirement. We can configure both horizontal and space-saving vertical systems that include the desired number of gauge rolls. Pressure gauge units automatically adjust the feeding roller speed to ensure uniform dough weight passing through the rolls. 

The range of technologies offered by GEA encompasses versatile cut and sheet lamination systems, rotary systems for embossing and cutting, and scrap pick-up conveyors. We also offer auxiliary equipment including depositors for distributing ingredients between dough sheets, sprinklers for sugar or salt fitted over recovery conveyors, ink printers and soda bath units.

GEA sheeting lines guarantee consistent, uniform and stress-free sheeting. Automated control systems optimize all working parameters and fine tune working conditions without the need for manual intervention. The control systems adjust the speed of each unit in the cascade to ensure that the correct mass of dough enters each stage, to guarantee high production standards and reliable performance. GEA systems also feature an automatic dough-sheet loop control system, which includes a sensor that detects the loop created by the dough sheet as it enters the nip of the final gauge roll. The speed of upstream systems is then automatically controlled and adjusted to ensure that the dough sheet is kept at constant tension, and ensures a consistent final dough thickness and texture as it exits from the final roll. All working parameters and operating conditions are displayed on the user interface. Most brands of PLCs can be provided to meet customer requirements, and facilitate user-friendly operator interaction with the control system and machines.

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