Special bread injection

Working closely with the bread industry, GEA has developed a system that can cut and then fill baked baguette loaves with a range of different sauces.

The system can be integrated into an existing baguette processing line, and offers options including no product, no fill with a recirculation system to minimize waste and reduce stoppage time for cleaning.

Effortless filling system for garlic bread

The highly automated LFB bread filling line from GEA transfers baguettes onto a conveyor and then carries out each step of cutting and filling the loaves, using an adjustable, motorized saw and a highly accurate depositor with independent volumetric cylinders. The technology guarantees the precise and even distribution of sauce along each bread cut. 

Model LFB

Bread cutter/injector
GEA has worked in close consultation with the bread production sector to design and develop the automated LFB bread cutting and injecting machine for producing baguettes filled with different sauces.

The LFB bread filling lines from GEA represent state-of-the-art solutions for filling baguette loaves. As the baguettes go out from the cooling section, they are transferred by an automated, robotic loading system onto a conveyor with interchangeable platens. As the loaves then progress along the conveyor an adjustable, motorized saw makes angled cuts and the filling is injected into the cuts using a depositor with independent volumetric cylinders. The depositor features a no product, no filling recirculation system that minimizes waste by stopping injection of the filling if a baguette is missing from the queue on the platen.

After the injection process another robot can transfer the filled baguettes to another conveyor for transport to the freezing or packaging area.   

Talk to GEA to find out more about integrating the LFB line into an existing bread processing plant.

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