Cakes and pastry top injectors

Multi-piston vertical injectors from GEA promise high accuracy and precision for delivering fillings such as jams or creams into cakes, pastries and other baked products, including loose products on a conveyor, or products in indented trays.

Top vertical injectors for cakes and pastry
Top vertical injectors for cakes and pastry

Reliable, accurate injection

The DT model is ideally suited to injecting fillings into loose products on indented platens. Featuring a vertical movement head fed by independent volumetric cylinders, the stand alone DT injector can also be integrated with an automatic product loading system.  

The DFI model volumetric injector is designed to fill loose products on a conveyor coming from a tunnel oven or from a cooling spiral. The system can be supplied with a no product, no fill feature to minimize waste and down time.

For high capacity production lines, the DPI model injector can be configured to fill a wide range of cakes and pastries. The system can be constructed with brushless motors and additional options include cleaning-in-place to reduce manual intervention and save water.  

The multi-piston DPCI injector is constructed on a wheel-mounted, C-shaped frame and can be fitted into an existing process line for filling cakes and pastries. Optional brushless motorization of the vertical movement injection head offers increased precision.  

A range of options and accessories offer high configurability and versatility, and user-friendly design speeds cleaning and changeover between products.

Model DPCI

Multi-piston injector on wheels
The DPCI model injector from GEA represents a robust, reliable solution that can be integrated into an existing production line for injecting filling into products including cupcakes, muffins and croissants.

Thanks to its wheel-mounted, C-shaped frame, the DPCI multi-piston injector can easily be added into a process line for filling cakes and pastry products of all types.The vertical movement injection head consists of a set of volumetric cylinders, one for each outlet, to ensure optimum filling accuracy. 

The head can also be built with brushless motorization that allows greater control of the piston stroke. The DPCI machine’s dosing plate is fitted with a series of needles to match the number and the shape of products to be filled. For high capacity production lines multiple rows of products can be filled per cycle.

As with all GEA machines, the DPCI model has been developed with the high standard of features that GEA is renowned for, and will provide reliable, reproducible filling.

Model DPI

Multi-piston injector for high capacity production lines
The DPI injector with volumetric cylinders represents a high performance solution from GEA that is a customer favorite for injecting products such as cakes or pastries on indented baking trays. Look to the DPI model for high capacity filling as part of a complete production plant.

The DPI injector has been developed to meet the automation and throughput needs of high capacity production lines that handle a wide range of cake and pastry products. The highly reliable unit comprises an intermittent lug chain conveyor that positions the baking trays stepwise for filling. The conveyor is synchronized with a vertical movement, multiple-cylinder injection head. Each outlet in the head is fed by a separate volumetric cylinder to ensure accurate injection and filling, every cycle. The injection head can also be provided with brushless motorization that electronically controls the product filling process and so maximizes the precision of both deposition and distribution of filling in the product. Suitable for working with a range of filling types, like jam, cream and chocolate, the system can be supplied with a heating option and stirrer for fillings that require dosing at controlled temperatures.

The DPI platform can also be supplied with an automatic cleaning-in-place (CIP) washing system that is quicker and more effective than manual cleaning, and so ensures optimum hygiene and reduced down time.

Model DFI

Volumetric injector for continuous running conveyors
Designed to work on existing, continuous running conveyors, the DFI model from GEA is an ideal multiple cylinder injection machine for filling bakery products coming from tunnel ovens or cooling spirals.

The DFI model injector from GEA is designed for injecting cakes and pastry products on a conveyor to maintain a continuous production flow. The independent volumetric cylinders are mounted in a moving head and guarantee high injection precision. The system can be provided with a no product, no filling option that shuts off dosing if a product is missing from the conveyor. This minimizes wastage and means that there is no need to stop production to clean the conveyor. The option of servo-motor-driven heads can further increase production capacity, while a heated hopper and stirrer can be supplied for fillings that need to be dosed at controlled temperatures.

Model DFI - Top injector for cakes and pastry

The flexibility of the DFI machine is matched by a user-friendly design. The injection head is mounted on slides that allow quick release from the support frame. This makes the overall cleaning operation easier, and also speeds head change-over to reduce down time when changing filling types.

Model DT

Multi-piston injector for loose products
The DT model vertical injector has been designed specifically for customers who are operating a semi-automatic process , and who want to inject a filling into loose products such as croissants, cream puffs or choux buns.

The stand alone DT injection machine from GEA is a very simple to use system that can accurately inject different types of fillings into a wide variety of loose products that are manually loaded into indented platens.

The DT injection machine comprises an intermittent conveyor, fitted with interchangeable platens that feature specially shaped indents to carry different shapes and sizes of product. The conveyor is synchronized with a vertical movement head that is fitted with a set of volumetric cylinders to ensure reliable and accurate injection of products. 

A heated hopper is available for dosing fillings at controlled temperatures, and an automatic product-loading system can be integrated with the DT unit to carefully handle and correctly position the products in the tray indentations. The user-friendly design means that platens can easily be removed for cleaning, or changed around for different products.

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