Cakes and pastry side injectors

GEA has developed a series of highly accurate side injection systems that will suit any processing line for products such as pastries, eclairs or bread buns.

The fully automated units are suitable for medium production volumes through to the highest capacity, and can be configured to co-inject two fillings.

Side filling systems to meet any requirement

The highly configurable DI model injection system features servo-motor-driven horizontal sliding heads and volumetric pistons to ensure precise filling. A product loading and unloading system is available to further increase automation. 

The standard DI-E model incorporates many of the best features of the DI system, and has been developed to meet the requirements of smaller production capacities. 

Both systems are adaptable to special applications, such as depositing icing at controlled temperatures onto eclairs.  

Model DI

Cakes and pastry side injectors
The DI model horizontal multi-piston volumetric injector from GEA is the perfect high capacity machine for side filling pastries, eclairs or bread buns. The system can inject jams, creams or chocolate at ambient or controlled temperatures, and can be configured with a depositing head with dual motorization and special injection needles that allow two fillings to be co-injected, one inside the other.

The DI unit frame configuration comprises a conveyor with interchangeable platens for easy and fast product changeover, and a horizontal sliding injection head with volumetric cylinders. The injection head is driven by servo-motors that precisely control the volume and distribution of filling inside the product. 

Each DI injection machine is tailored-made for each customer, to meet any requirement. Designed to maximize productivity, while reducing hands on and machine down time, the DI model can be integrated with product loading and unloading robots, which frees operators from the tasks of manually loading and unloading products, and allows very high throughput. A cleaning-in-place option ensures optimum hygiene,  reduces water usage and waste and is more effective than manual cleaning. 

The DI machine can also be configured for special applications, including depositing icing under controlled temperatures for products such as eclairs. The unit can be supplied with a no product, no fill option to automatically shut off the cylinder and prevent injection if there is no product on the conveyor. 

Machines from GEA offer the versatility to process an almost endless variety of products. We are always ready to take on new challenges, so don’t compromise with less than perfect processing, come and talk to GEA and let us find the right system for your needs. 

Model DI-E

Cakes and pastry side injectorsThe DI-E model horizontal multi-piston injector from GEA is the baby sister to the tailor-made DI machine. The unit demonstrates the hallmark quality, efficiency and reliability of all GEA machines, but offers a lower-cost, semi-automatic option for side filling products on conveyors.

GEA has developed the DI-E model to offer the most important features and capabilities of the DI injector model for efficient, reliable and user-friendly operation, but offers customers the option of a cost-effective, standardized machine for semi-automatic processes. Suitable for use with jams, creams and chocolates at ambient or controlled temperatures, the DI-E system is ideal for smaller capacity production needs.

The DI-E can be used for applications such as filling ready-made products, including krapfen, croissants, bread buns and other bakery goods that have been processed on an automated line. 

Designed with many of the key qualities of the DI system, the DI-E model features volumetric cylinders and servo-motor-driven heads to ensure that accurate amounts of filling are injected precisely into every product on the conveyor. The unit can inject up to 10 products per cycle, and can be configured for special applications, including depositing icing on eclairs. The conveyor includes an interchangeable, quick release belt for speedy product changeover. 

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