Container Sterilization Aseptic Filling Bloc Modulbloc

Modulbloc PAA aseptic technology is a smart solution for low/medium-speed filling lines for plastic bottles. It allows continuous production up to 165 hours for HA and LA condition.

Modulbloc PAA aseptic technology is the right choice for low/medium-speed filling lines. By assembling nozzles in different configurations in the sterilizer, rinser, filler and capper it is possible to achieve different machine speeds, starting from 1,250 b/h (pilot plant) to 18,000 b/h (higher speed). It’s suitable for HA and LA beverages and allows a line availability of 165 hours without need for intermediate SOP cycles during production. Modulbloc is FDA validated.

Compact design

Modulbloc includes a sterilizer carrousel, a rinser carrousel, a filler carrousel and a capper carrousel all on a single base frame. The ancillaries, aseptic process units and the cap sterilizing machine are located on top of the machine. Its compact design makes the Modulbloc the right choice even when limited space is available or for relatively small beverage producers that require the latest in aseptic filling technology.

Bottle sterilization and rinsing

PET bottles and closures are treated with a Peracetic Acid-based solution with a given concentration, temperature and pressure. A full–cone, no clogging penetrating nozzle is used for internal bottle sterilization. The efficiency of each nozzle is automatically checked by a ’Smart Sensor’ that ensures proper sterilization of each bottle. The high-performance spraying system keeps treatment times very short while guaranteeing up to 6 Log reduction on B.atrophaeus.

After the bottles have been sterilized externally and internally with the penetrating nozzle system, a rinse with sterile water allows a total peroxide residual lower than 0.5 ppm (as per FDA regulations). GEA Procomac rinsers are equipped with the latest design of nozzles that dramatically reduce the rinsing time and use very little water. Both rinser and sterilizer have been specifically designed to minimize the number of wear and tear parts for easy maintenance.


Cap sterilization

Sterilcap L is a low-speed cap sterilization unit integrated in the Modulbloc: it treats flat and chemically sterilizable sport caps. Closures are treated by spraying with PAA-based solution and rinsed with sterile water. After the sterilization treatment, caps are delivered to the filler by gravity.

Pre-sterilized caps sterilization treatments are also available.

A bag treatment tunnel is used for gamma-ray, pre-irradiated bags of caps that are loaded inside the machine and externally sterilized by spraying PAA. After the external sterilization, the bags are opened and fed to the capper in a controlled environment.

Sterilbag is a dedicated rotary system using H2O2 sterilizing technology to handle bags of pre-sterilized caps. Gamma-ray irradiated bags of caps are externally sterilized, opened and fed to the capper in a controlled environment.