Liquid Dosage


As a drug delivery system, liposomes offer significant therapeutic benefits in terms of active ingredient targeting and controlled release. Hydrophobic moieties can be dissolved into the liposome membrane — a lipid bilayer — and, as such, they can be used to carry both hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules.

To deliver molecules to sites of action, the liposome binds and fuses with other bilayers, such as a cell membrane, thus delivering its contents. By making liposomes in a drug solution (which would not normally be able to penetrate the membrane), they can be (indiscriminately) delivered through the lipid bilayer into the cell interior.

High-pressure homogenization is an ideal liposome production method, offering excellent results in terms of reduced vesicle diameters. Further, a wide range of different sizes and distributions can be achieved by altering the applied pressure and the number of passes through the homogenizer. 

A wide range of products, including liposomes, can be freeze dried to retain their original properties. By adding water or other solvents, they can be reconstituted easily and very quickly to a usable solution. There is no need for cooling during storage, which is both cost-effective and makes handling easier. 

GEA specializes in the design and manufacture of freeze dryers for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and has an in-depth knowledge of lyophilization technology.

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