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Keeping clean with GEA processes

The home and personal care (HPC) industry serves fast-growing, brand-driven markets for products as diverse as shampoo and toothpaste, laundry detergents and all-purpose cleaners. Consumer demand for better value, high performing products that keep us healthy and our pets, clothes, homes and cars clean and fresh, is driving industry innovation in this competitive, but potentially highly profitable marketplace.

GEA understands the pressures facing HPC manufacturers. Product launch deadlines and the need to meet targets for reducing water and energy consumption put extra pressure on process development. Manufacturing must be adaptable to incorporate in-flight improvements and new ingredients, or develop preservative free and other market-led formulations.

Supportive, collaborative and innovative

GEA combines more than 70 years of industry know-how with global expertise, local insight and presence to provide efficient, sustainable solutions that HPC manufacturers need to stay competitive in their markets. But we don’t just supply machines. We combine conceptual design and project planning, with engineering and commissioning, to configure innovative, industry-leading technologies and state-of-the-art plants for your high performance HPC processing. Tailored automation and utilities supply ensure seamless, end-to-end solutions that meet all your requirements

Customers can even carry out feasibility trials and scale-up studies at GEA’s worldwide test centers, to help address manufacturing issues and develop new processes.

GEA technologies gives the industry the freedom to develop new and exciting products and thus deliver sustainable manufacturing solutions not just today, but for the future:

  • Sustainable manufacturing solutions 
  • Repeatable processing 
  • Manufacturing more products in less time 
  • Energy efficient solutions 
  • Product personalization

Products & technologies

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Transferring process know-how into new products and feasibility trials

Specialists in providing process equipment and technologies to the home & personal care industry, GEA’s worldwide test centers combine technological expertise and application know-how into an extensive portfolio of development and support.

Home & Personal Care test center

From mixing and homogenization to drying and powder handling, experts in GEA’s test centers can conduct trials for product development, process development and optimization, data acquisition, scalability analysis, simulation modelling, comparative process studies and more. Whether viscous products such as a cream or lotion or a free flowing powder like laundry detergent; raw materials and products can be analyzed.

For customers committed to the future of bringing new products to market, R&D is a vital investment and GEA expertize and test facilities can be central in helping customers to connect the dots by achieving dependable test results that can be validated.  Employing a global network of expertise, and employing a range of methodologies, GEA’s innovation process plays a critical role to help customers develop new products and processes.

Our HPC test centers meet your needs

  • Mixing – Copenhagen (Denmark), Ahaus (Germany) 
  • Heat treatment – Ahaus (Germany)
  • Homogenization – Parma (Italy)
  • Separation - Oelde (Germany)
  • Powder mixing – Hamilton (New Zealand)
  • Drying – Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Evaporation/distillation/membrane filtration – Karlsruhe (Germany)
  • Filtration – Hudson (US)
  • Tableting – (Halle) Belgium

Customer case

Spray Drying Process for Aloe Vera

GEA has developed a process to spray dry aloe vera for use in the food, beverage and cosmetics industry.

Customer case

Manufacturing More Products in Less Time

Having successfully collaborated with a world-renowned consumer goods company in early 2013 to expand their production capacity for personal care products and supply equipment and expertise for three new plants, GEA was once again asked for help and commissioned to supply an additional fourth mixer plant.

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