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Offering decades of experience as a technology partner to the food ingredients industry, GEA supplies reliable and high quality solutions for the cost-efficient production of maltodextrin and sweeteners. Coupled with deep understanding and unparalleled expertise in the filtration, evaporation and spray drying of starch ingredients and oligosaccharides, we offer an extensive range of technologies that help you develop concepts that meet your specific ingredient needs.

Process perfection

GEA’s organic and ceramic membrane installations facilitate effective filtration to remove macromolecules and/or salts from sweeteners and maltodextrin syrups, helping to purify them prior to further processing.

Evaporation can be used to concentrate and stabilize your products and prevent degradation, reducing storage and transport costs. It also prepares the products for spray drying. GEA has delivered more than 400 evaporation plants worldwide for sweetener, glucose syrup and maltodextrin applications. This has further strengthened our know-how in this area.

Spray drying

The processability of maltodextrin solutions depends on their degree of hydrolysis (dextrose equivalent [DE]). Working with DEs from 5–20 and a wide range of sweeteners, including dextrose monohydrate, our spray dryers have been designed to accommodate functional properties such as the crystallinity, hygroscopicity and thermoplasticity of the carbohydrate to be dried. 

For powder ingredients, particle size and shape, moisture content, density, solubility and dispersibility are important properties. We work with you to meet your powder specifications, leading to high-quality products, every time.

The GEA advantage

GEA maltodextrin and sweetener lines are highly efficient and economical. Their energy saving designs minimize power, steam and water consumption and keep emissions low. 

In the design phase, plant safety is a priority and is built into all of our solutions to keep your employees safe.

Our plant-wide automation technologies ensure the repeatability of your production line processes while proven, integrated clean-in-place (CIP) solutions reduce downtime, enable quick product changeover and maintain plant hygiene at every point in the process. 

GEA test facilities can help you with new product development, process optimization and testing new formulations ahead of full-scale production. Our knowledgeable technicians work closely with you to minimize time to market, confidently and profitably.

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