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Starch & Modified Starch

Based on years of experience of working with starch applications, our solutions have been designed to ensure that your products are manufactured in a safe, economical and environmentally sustainable way. Whether you need an integrated line to process and/or modify your starch ingredients or just a single piece of equipment to fulfil your needs, GEA specialists can help you to achieve your operational goals.

Starch & Proteins - Modified starch

Working together to make a difference

At GEA, we understand that every starch application is different. No matter what your requirements are, what raw material you use or what the final product is, GEA works closely with you to ensure that your processing line produces high-quality starch products with the right characteristics, every time. 

Our equipment can handle a wide range of raw materials, including wheat, potato, maize, rice, tapioca and barley, and starch derivatives that range from chemically, physically and enzymatically modified varieties.

Starch processing solutions

For example, GEA starch recovery clarifying decanters are designed for the initial phase of starch separation. GEA flash, ring and swirl dryers remove free moisture from the surfaces of products and can dry slurries, pastes and sticky or thermally sensitive materials. 

Paired with our SWIRL FLUIDIZER®, you can obtain a fine, homogenous, non-agglomerated powder even when using viscous feeds. This can be achieved in a single, compact processing operation. 

We also have experience with so-called spray cooking, which is a special type of spray drying process whereby the starch is treated with steam to produce pregelatinized starches for instant viscosity applications.  

A process line for starch extraction and purification will often lead to the production of fiber and protein products, as well as other potentially valuable side streams and wastewater; solutions to harvest, purify and recycle these by-products also fall within GEA’s remit.

Put it to the test

GEA test facilities are available to help you develop new products, refine processes and test new formulations ahead of full production. Each facility includes a well-equipped laboratory to rapidly analyze moisture content, bulk density and particle size distribution. 

Our technicians work with you to minimize development time while bringing new products to market, confidently and profitably.

Make plant proteins your business

Plant-based proteins

Make plant proteins your business

To produce high quality plant-based protein powders from soy, potatoes, peas, fava beans or mung beans, you need high quality, sustainable solutions designed for long-term productivity and reliability.
Biowanze plant in Belgium

Customer case

Increasing production efficiency for BioWanze in Belgium

Biowanze is the largest bioethanol producer in Belgium and one valuable co-product from their process is vital wheat gluten

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